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The Thành is a unique District District of the Vietnamese civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Encampment.

  • Effects:
    • Lower Production Production cost (27 vs. 54)
    • +2 Culture Culture for every adjacent District District
    • Provides Tourism Tourism from Culture Culture adjacency bonus after researching Flight
    • Is not considered a specialty District District and does not require Citizen Population
    • Provides no Great General Great General point
    • Acquires Outer Defenses and Ranged Strike along with the City Center once Walls have been built
    • Blocks movement of foreign units to this tile, unless the District District is pillaged
    • Spawns all land military units the city produces or purchases
    • Specialists provide +1 Production Production and 2 Gold Gold each
    • Spies operate at one level lower when targeting this city with Consulate
    • Gives its parent city the ability to build land units with only 1 count of the relative Strategic Resource (Vanilla and R&F-Only only)
  • Restrictions:


The following buildings can be constructed in a Thành:



Thanh placement 1 (Civ6)

The Thành in Borsippa reaches the maximum 12 Culture Culture adjacency thanks to a few District Districts from Babylon

Thanh placement 2 (Civ6)

Two Thành placed next to one another, surrounded by six District Districts, except for two spots being blocked by resources

The Thành is an incredible District District, it is so powerful and unique that it completely repurposes the original Encampment, and it breathes a new life into somewhat of a forsaken specialty District District.

The most obvious downside of the Encampment is that it takes up a District District slot. No matter which Victory you are pursuing, there is no situation in which building Encampments in every city is a good strategy. The most bloodthirsty warmongers, including the Zulu with their Ikanda, do not need the defensive capability of the Encampment, and civilizations who do not pursue a Domination Victory always have higher priorities in other District Districts, which, all in all, leaves the Encampment in a bad position: no one can benefit completely off of every aspect of this District District when it is taking up space of other more influential District Districts. The Vietnamese Thành eliminates this completely. First and foremost, the Thành does not require Citizen Population, which means it can be placed down in every city without normal repercussions. Even before taking into account the massive Culture Culture and Tourism Tourism generated by a good Thành placement, just this change alone turns the Encampment on its head and reshapes the way it should be played with. Vietnam is a Domination/Cultural civilization, and just the sheer number of Thành can give them an unbreakable multilayered shield for defense, and with some buildings inside the District District, a good flow of Great General Great General points for offense. Enemies who are foolish enough to invade Vietnam will get bombarded from all sides by multiple Thành, while having to crawl painfully slowly through rough terrains.

The Thành also serves another crucial purpose for Vietnam: being the Culture Culture and Tourism Tourism generator for the civilization. It gains a major adjacency bonus for every District District nearby, so it is natural that you would want to turn the Thành into a mini City Center and surround it with District Districts. One notable placement rule to keep in mind is that similar to the Encampment it replaces, Thành cannot be placed next to City Centers, so you will not get an easy +2 Culture Culture without having to dedicate Production Production to erecting District Districts. Therefore:

  • Non-specialty District Districts are great with Thành, since they are not restricted by Citizen Population. They are even more amazing for standalone cities (cities that are not close to any other cities in your empire), since these cities cannot make use of District Districts built by other cities to alleviate the Citizen Population requirement. The best non-specialty District District for this purpose is obviously the Aqueduct, as it not only is the earliest engineering District District unlocked, but also fits the Thành placement requirement perfectly. For standalone cities, you would like your Thành to be situated in the second ring of tiles (1 tile away from the City Center), since you can surround it with District Districts built in the first ring and the third ring. Your Aqueduct can fit snugly in between the Thành and the City Center.
  • For cities that are close together, use the knowledge you have when playing Japan and Germany regarding how to build a compact empire with many groups of 2 to 3 cities. For Thành, building them in groups of 2 is more feasible, because they only gain adjacency bonuses from District Districts, and Vietnamese specialty District Districts are limited to where they can be placed. Also, Woods and Rainforests are very likely to host luxury resources on them, thus will block the placements of District Districts. Being able to find a chunk of land big enough, covered in features and without luxury resources to host District Districts of 3 to 4 cities is just impossible. For city building ideas and mega District District complex inspirations, head here.

Theoretically, a Thành can reach a maximum of 12 Culture Culture, but this is easier said than done. Vietnam, with their tier 1 starting bias with Woods and Rainforests, is prone to receive strategic, and especially luxury resources, on these tiles, not to mention their unique ability limits where specialty District Districts can go. Even with Medieval Faires, there are tiles that Woods cannot be planted on, like Desert, Snow and Floodplains, effectively further restricting the type of District Districts that can go on those tiles to non-specialty only. The strength of the Thành is that it can be placed in any city, for it does not require Citizen Population, so there is no need to bend over backward to reach this maximum number.

Speaking of the all-important Medieval Faires civic, the Thành is a crucial player in helping Vietnam reach that feat with a respectable timing. As mentioned above, although the Thành is so different from the Encampment it replaces, most players still tend to forget about it when they finish researching Bronze Working, since the Encampment has never been a priority so high that it has to be placed down immediately after unlocking. The Thành for Vietnam, however, is such a priority. The Culture Culture Vietnam gains from having buildings on Woods is pathetic, that "bonus" is a flytrap more than anything. The cheapest building that can leverage that bonus is the Shrine (70 Production Production), while your unique District District has the base cost of 27 Production Production, even after the scaling due to civic and technology progression, the ratio of Production Production per extra Culture Culture is still heavily in favor of the Thành. In the first two eras, all your cities should have a Thành, a Campus and a third specialty District District in a triangle (this District District can be a Holy Site for a Cultural game, or a Commercial Hub for a Domination game). By the virtue of this, you will have a good Science Science and Culture Culture flow to beeline Machinery and Medieval Faires simultaneously. This can easily be achieved, since all you need to do is to find two tiles with features next to one another, and place the Thành adjacent to both. A Thành is not a specialty District District, so it is not subjected to the feature-only placement rule, which also means a Thành will clear out the feature on its tile when get placed down.

After the April 2021 Update, the Thành was nerfed so that it no longer provides 1 Great General Great General point. However, considering how important the extra Movement Movement provided by the Great General Great General is to your Voi Chiến timing push, being able to get at least 1 Great General Great General before Medieval Era hits is still a must. There are a couple of ways you can do this. The least efficient way to generate Great General Great General points is to build more Barracks. You still need at least 1 Barracks in the early game to boost the experience gained by your Archers/Voi Chiến, but building any more Barracks than that feels like a waste, since this building is as expensive as a Library, doesn't give you anything more than just the Great General Great General point, and it doesn't benefit from the Vietnamese civilization ability, since the Thành is not a specialty District District. The better ways to do this are either to run the Strategos policy card (you have to sacrifice a Wildcard Slot Wildcard policy slot for this), or to complete one or two Encampment Training projects, which is more efficient in terms of Great General Great General point received per Production Production spent, and you will get some Gold Gold back that can be used to upgrade your units later. If you insist on building a few Barracks, make sure you research Military Training civic to unlock the Veterancy policy card. The Inspiration Inspiration for this civic is to build an Encampment, which is something you want to do anyway, and all of its prerequisites are civics you have to research regardless in order to reach Medieval Faires. Veterancy is an incredible policy card for Vietnam, so you would want it sooner or later, since it makes the Thành even cheaper, along with all buildings inside.

A hidden benefit of the Thành is that it makes counterespionage simple and efficient. One Spy, when placed on a Thành tile, is able to protect all District Districts around it, allowing Vietnam to easily protect their properties against sabotage. Also, since Vietnam is the only civilization incentivized to build Encampments in every city, they are the best to make use of the otherwise lackluster Consulate, making spying against Vietnam even harder.

A pitfall that many players often get caught into is to put yields above anything else. Remember, this is still an Encampment, its defensive capability is also something should be taken into consideration. A huge Thành formation right in the core of your empire connecting District Districts from multiple cities can be satisfying in terms of Culture Culture output, but it does next to nothing against an invasion from outside. Hence, cities on the outskirt of your empire should be treated as standalone cities, their Thành should be prioritized for defensive purposes and help shield your core cities from outside aggressions. These core cities, thus, can safely use their Thành for Culture Culture and Tourism Tourism pursuits.

Civilopedia entry[]

The word “thành” refers to a citadel or fort, but classical Vietnamese architecture combined military protection with architectural artistry. The oldest thành in Vietnam is the Thành Cổ Loa, in a district of what is now Hà Nội. Local legend tells of how the king had angered a magical turtle by continually trying to build a thành on the turtle’s back. After becoming aware of this magical, talking, and very very angry turtle, the king agreed to relocate the site for the thành. In thanks, the turtle gave the king a magical crossbow, some thousand times the strength of an ordinary one. While the crossbow has been lost to time, the citadel still stands, with its spiral outer walls and rectangular internal keep.

Thành often had a rectangular internal keep surrounded by a moat. The citadel’s walls could be thick and durable, but, at least in the case of the stunning thành at Huế, the upper level was often beautifully painted and carved with dragons and other auspicious symbols of royalty.

In central Hà Nội, the thành Thăng Long remains the city’s predominant symbol, with its squat central tower and thick walls. Built in 1010, this central fortress was so impressive that it was used as a base by groups as disparate as the royal family, the French military during the colonial period, the Japanese imperial army (as a prison), and the communist People’s Army of Vietnam. It was not just a military outpost, though, as it was decorated with carved stone dragons, elaborate palaces (now destroyed), and, now, serves as a museum.


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