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The Akkorokamui (CivBE).pngThe Akkorokamui
The Akkorokamui wonder (CivBE).png
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 450 Production
Maintenance None
Requires Photosystems
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital
Notes Health Unhealth from Population Population reduced by 50% in this City.

The Akkorokamui is an aquatic only wonder introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.


"Geneticists create a thing which nurtures and sustains in the short term but proves toxic in the long term, and yet we think of overprotective parents as a quaint artifact of pre-Mistake culture." - Élodie, Remarques


Interplanetary travel was of chief concern following the Big Mistake; impeding protracted bio-medical research. Humanity could travel profound distances through space to colonize alien worlds yet nonetheless suffered century old illnesses. Life expectancy and quality of life were unimproved. The Akkorokamui would change this.

The cyclopean Akkorokamui is a genetically engineered super-organism spawned and grown in a specially designed ocean habitat. Neural manipulation of its orbitofrontal cortex convinces the creature it is surrounded by, and must nurture, nonexistent offspring. Thus, the creature attempts to soothe and repair its children by purifying the local environment through organic processes. Human patients who enter the submerged section of the habitat enjoy a restorative and healthful atmosphere as a result, allowing the Akkorokamui to operate as a "living clinic". Therein, illnesses and injuries are repaired with unprecedented celerity.

Continued neural manipulation causes extreme stress in the Akkorokamui. Because it cannot in fact communicate with its imagined offspring, the manipulation is eventually perceived to be the result of the offspring's suffering. Fortunately, the creature's maternal pain causes it to maintain a steady, reliable restorative emission. Handlers and patients are warned that extended exposure to the Akkorokamui can prove dangerous due to its size and energy consumption.

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RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.