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The The Brotherhood is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

Rising to power in an unorthodox manner, the Brotherhood gained a foothold on their home planet of Phyrus only recently. The Colony on Phyrus was founded in 2271 AD, making it one of the youngest Colonies to survive the loss of contact with the Earth. The first settlement was a political prisoner facility, designed to contain the "undesirables" in a pseudo-labor camp setup, far from anywhere they could cause problems. This establishment broke down a few years later after it was discovered that running the colony in such a manner was not economically viable, and Phyrus would need to be restructured to survive. The Colony was reorganized into a civil settlement, although elements of the recently released prisoners remained embittered even after gaining freedom in 2279. The Brotherhood was founded as a means for these disgruntled elements to organize and undermine Earth-based rule of their planet by any means possible.

The next 20 years saw dissidence growing rapidly within the population of Phyrus. When contact with Earth was lost in 2302 AD and security forces were drawn away from the planet to investigate, the powder keg erupted, and the Brotherhood quickly took control. Designed with a more "communal" structure, a free republic was proclaimed, and the Brotherhood commenced the training of soldiers and collected arms of all sorts, expecting a violent response from PDE forces which never came.