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In Civ2’s Rise of Rome scenario, Team Hannibal is staffed by the Zulus, so they're much more aggressive—if less maritime capable—than your standard Carthaginians.


Size Name Points Real
Meaning Buildings Units
4 Carthage 1 Qart-hadast Newtown palace, granary, temple, marketplace, city walls, harbor phalanx, 2 caravans, 3 triremes
3 Gades 1 Gadir The Wall courthouse, marketplace phalanx, warrior, horsemen, caravan
3 Hippo
0 Ubon Port marketplace, harbor phalanx, archer, caravan
3 Lilybaeum 0 Motya Wooltown city walls phalanges, trireme
3 Leptis 0 Lepqy [Native] temple, courthouse, marketplace phalanx, archer
2 Caralis 0 Karaly [Native] marketplace phalanx, warrior

New foundations will nonsensically follow the Zulu list.


Build on the oasis/whale cape south-east of Leptis then on south-east Malta and the northern tip of Sardinia; later a good site with specials a little way north of Gades, one in north Corsica, a hill with three specials east of Lilybaeum, and maybe a good frontier post close to the Ptolemaids.