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(notes for Deity level, not checked for all other levels)

The Independent Greeks and Allies are among the central powers in the Civ2 Rome scenario. Their name has nothing to do with any real game alliances. They start with 300 gold.


  • Massilia-  should watch for sea-borne diplomat attacks from Romans; try to make peace with them to avoid that and to let your trireme take your caravan to a good place; then try to colonize on rivers north and west.
  • Taras -should fortify a phalanx next to Heraclea then send a settler to build on the 3-special hill south of there
  • Syracuse -should maintain peace with Carthaginians and try to colonize south-east Malta and the cape-with-whale south of Malta
  • Delphi -should try to buy Athens and to colonize on both sides of the Adriatic.
  • Rhodes - It may be able to buy Miletus with a sea-borne diplomat, establishing a strong eastern chain before the Seleucids are close enough to retaliate successfully
  • Pergamum - should colonize on the island to the west and at Istanbul.

New Cities[]

  • Emporia This City is located near what is now the French and Spanish border.
  • Croton -This City this city is located between Taras and syracuse.