• Hey Becer,

    Here is a quick draft of a redesign. Please take the time to take a look and provide any feedback you have. This is the first draft, so please keep that in mind.

    Going to send this message to ZeroOne as well.

    Civilization-6 Main-Page mock R1

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    • Thanks for the early draft. I'll echo most of ZeroOne's comments on his wall, though I don't think sliders would fit or work for featured videos. I especially want to emphasize how great and fitting I think the "Civ6 theme" of exploration is for this Wiki. ZeroOne's example of the fog of war is spot on. A lighter theme with a similar color scheme to these "Hand-drawn maps" and the Civ6 UI would be great. I'd keep stronger colors like this leather-red and the gold trips for highlights, rather than being the base color. Of course its hard to know in advance if these ideas will look any good.

      The general sentiment is that the page is too long and crowded, and I personally feel that we have too many feeds in there. I do feel like the recent activity feed is important but I'd also like to shine a spotlight on the new Special:Community feature which has similar functionality.

      I'm rambling now so I'll say like ZeroOne that many of the current modules could be removed or merged. Featured Media could merge with Featured Videos, Share with the twitter feed, chat and forums(Like you've done) replaced with Discussions and maybe somehow combine the Recent activity and Help Us Out! sections, keeping a short recent activity feed with a shorter text inviting people to visit Special:Community to find out how they too can help.

      Personally I'd like to keep the top of the page focused on the highlight (slider) and content (Tabbed content box works well so far), with the combined Recent-activity + Special:Community link to the right, with all other feeds under them.

      I hope I didn't contradict myself too much. Please do ask for any number of clarifications.

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    • Hi Becer -- thanks for the feedback.

      Like I told ZeroOne, I passed this info onto our marketing/design department. We'll try to address it to your liking as much as possible.

      I'll be in touch!

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    • We just need to be careful. Many of the Beyond Earth images are white and transparent. This shouldn't be a problem with the images in beyond earth tables such as File:LEV Tank Icon.png. I am not convinced this particular shade of brown is dark enough to make these images seen. These images are already problematic with mobile sites, which can't see them at all. There has got to be some template workaround to make sure all of these images are always projected on a dark background.

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    • On the full site we can definitely apply some custom style to CivBE infoboxes. Whether a dark background for images on mobile is possible or not does appear to be an important issue.

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    • I guess I mentioned it to Knakveey simply because he works for Wikia, and might be able to make a workaround for mobile.

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    • Hey Knakveey, there's no real hurry but I wanted to ask how's the new theme coming along? To be honest I can't wait for this wiki to shed the CivBE look!

      edit: In fact I just went ahead and put a temporary theme on (transition not completed as of this edit) until your version is ready. Keeping the old one is like refusing to acknowledge Civ6 is coming.

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    • Hey Becer,

      I talked to Marketing last week and they said they sent over the newer design to 2K for their thoughts. Once they give us the OK, I was going to share it with you. I'll try and get an ETA asap. I like what you've done though, it looks good!

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    • Thanks for the update. There's no real hurry but I'm excited to see what you guys have prepared this time!

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    • Hey Becer -- Here is a link to the redesign draft.

      The only thing missing is the discussion module which will be added later. Ofc the nav isnt the same as well b/c its a sandbox wiki.

      Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, and suggestions.


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    • Hey, thanks for this draft. Here are a few thoughts :

      • The logo needs to say Civilization Wiki, not Civilization VI. I kept the "Official" tag in temporary redesign but I'm assuming that never meant much and its not coming back.
      • There's a seam in the middle of the background image.
      • It needed some time to grow on me but now I like the color scheme as is, though the content box's text might ever so slightly hard to read on its background color. Like ZeroOne said it'd be worth exploring whether the selected tab should be light instead of dark but I think its fine as is. It does need to stand out from the rest of the page.
      • I like the font use in the headers well enough though I wonder if it could use some serif the way the text in Civ6 has. The text not being an image is a plus.
      • I'm not sure I like the hexes as bullet points but no obvious replacement comes to mind. That can always change later anyway.
      • I really like the Featured Videos module.
      • The "Help us out" module is a bit wordy. Ideally it would be the link to Special:Community most article pages have on the top-left. (The one that reads "Help us grow Civilization Wiki! GET STARTED")

      Overall I like the clean look and feel of the design and I think it'll look great!

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    • Hey Becer,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      -Stacked tabs error has been fixed.

      -Wordmark is updated to something more simple, but aesthetically pleasing. We didn't want to include any wikia branding due to the rebranding.

      -As for the category color and fonts. Work with ZeroOne and let us know what you would like.

      -Social icons updated

      Let me know if this helps and look forward to hearing back from you!

      Here is the link for reference --

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    • Hey Becer,

      We're gonna go ahead and make the transfer over to the production wiki soon. Sounds like you two are both happy with the finished product. Let me know if you have any objections to the design being moved over this week!

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    • Wonderful, thanks! I'm indeed happy with it and have no issues with the design. Looking forward to the move.

      By the way do you think you could email me to discuss another subject?

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    • Sent you an email. Let me know if you didn't get it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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