• Hey ZeroOne,

    Here is a quick draft of a redesign. Please take the time to take a look and provide any feedback you have. This is the first draft, so please keep that in mind.

    Going to send this message to Becer as well.

    Civilization-6 Main-Page mock R1

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    • Hey, thanks! Alright, let's see. Some points in random order:

      • Overall it looks a little dark, I was imagining a lighter color palette, close to the colors of the map in this screenshot:
      Civilization VI screenshot from CivGame Twitter on 2016-06-04

      Civ6 screenshot for color palette ideas

      • "Share" and "Twitter" boxes could be combined into one social media box
      • The tabs below the main banner (Supremacy Starship Viewer) are angular, which fits the futuristic Beyond Earth style, but does not fit the more earthy theme of Civ6.
      • Of "Featured videos" and "Featured media" one seems redundant. Also, maybe the result could be turned into a slider, like the main banner (but not as tall and maybe showing three items at once)?
      • News Feed. I'd love to have some usage statistics here. Does anyone click those? At least I'd shorten it and demote it to the side banner, it has actually never been a very attractive element.
      • The Top Discussions is a good element, maybe it should be moved above the Featured media. And if we have that, we don't need the Chat element in the side banner anymore. Anyway, anything that shows the wiki is active is good, like Recent Activity.
      • The Atlas statue is an obvious choice for a background, but is it the best one? I already count three statues: the background, the main banner, and that "Buy Now" banner.
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    • Hi ZeroOne,

      Sent this to our marketing/design team. Will keep you updated!

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    • Sent this feedback*

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    • Hey Zero -- Here is a link to the redesign draft.

      The only thing missing is the discussion module which will be added later. Ofc the nav isnt the same as well b/c its a sandbox wiki.

      Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, and suggestions.


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    • Cool, thanks Knakveey! I think it's definitely an improvement over the current and previous versions. :) Some notes:

      • The logo at the upper right corner has to be changed, obviously. We are the Civilization Wiki, not "Civilization VI".
      • The links in the main navigation content box don't look very professional, with ALL CAPS, double underlining, and a pretty boring Arial font.
      • The colors in that box feel inverted to me. Wouldn't this color scheme look better:
      ZeroOne CivWiki frontpage quick and dirty draft

      A quick and dirty draft

      • Don't take that small-caps font and white links too literally though! I'm not saying they should be like that. I'm just saying it feels to me like the dark tabs should be the background ones and the light tab should be the one that's open.
      • Compare that to the current color scheme in the draft -- and notice there's a bug with the tabs when the screen is resized to some unfortunate width:
      CivWikia frontpage draft breaks when wrong width

      Stacked tabs -bug.

      • The social media icons seem to link to @CivGame, but we have our own @CivWikia Facebook and Twitter pages too
      • The Featured videos box has a nice and clean layout
      • The Google news ticker is gone, that's good too

      I know Becer doesn't agree with my thoughts about the colors, so it's going to be interesting. :) Anyway, I'm looking forward to having a new layout actually deployed into this wiki!

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    • Hey ZeroOne,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      -Stacked tabs error has been fixed.

      -Wordmark is updated to something more simple, but aesthetically pleasing. We didn't want to include any wikia branding due to the rebranding.

      -As for the category color and fonts. Work with Becer and let us know what you would like.

      -Social icons updated

      Let me know if this helps and look forward to hearing back from you!

      Here is the link for reference --

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    • Hey, that was quick! Looks nice! Having slept on it, it actually looks significantly better to me than it did yesterday. The page collapses nicely when you make it less wide, but I did spot a couple of minor layout issues in that state:

      Main page draft minor layout issues

      The parts pointed at by the arrows should be together. The circled area should not have that margin.

      However, if you can just fix those, I'd say we're ready to go live with it! And if me or Becer or someone else here does come up with any improvements, I'm quite confident we could do the possible adjustments by ourselves as well. :)

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    • Hey hey guys :)

      Just jumping in here since Knakveey is off today. The width-collapsed (or what we can probably call "tablet") state of a design is something I typically like to take care of on the actual wiki itself, rather than a sandbox. Sorry if it unnecessarily concerned you to have found a few errors at the under 1024px widths.

      Just cause you seem to like kickin' the tires quite a bit, I've now corrected all of these little responsivity issues over at the sandbox. Give 'em a glance and lemme know if you need anything else done before we go live!

      Thanks very much for being so active and contributory in this redesign. It's helped everyone who's been involved get a much clearer picture of how to shape the project!

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    • Hey ZeroOne,

      We're gonna go ahead and make the transfer over to the production wiki soon. Sounds like you two are both happy with the finished product. Let me know if you have any objections to the design being moved over this week!

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    • Hey guys! Green light from me, I'm happy with the layout! :)

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    • Hey hey :)

      Most of the front page has now been uploaded here from the sandbox. The new Discussions module code just dropped today, so I'm trying to integrate it into the design. Because all the CSS classes are brand new, I've got to go "back to school" a little bit. It might take me until tomorrow to get that one element of the front page looking like the rest. Thanks for your patience. :)

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    • OK, thanks CzechOut! Looking pretty good! Take your time with the discussion module. :) But please have a look at the main page background first: it seems to be optimized to a width of about 1500 px, as at 1920 px the background image aligns itself in a wonky way. Check these screenshots for comparison:

      CivWiki mainpage background aligns nicely to top left corner

      The background image aligns pretty nicely to the top left corner

      CivWiki mainpage background wonky align

      The background image align is wonky

      Also, as it stands, the background image doesn't lend itself too well for "repeat-x".

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    • Thanks for your hard work! The only issue is , like ZeroOne pointed out, that the background image just isn't fit to be repeated.

      Both the CivBE background and the one I subsequently uploaded as a temporary solution avoided this problem by blending into the background color on the bottom. The top of the page also has a seam where the image repeats especially on the main page where a large top banner ad is shown.

      Also it feels like the discussion module should cut the post preview after a set length but I suspect that's out of your immediate control and something that will be fixed eventually.

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    • Hey guys :)

      Sorry about the confusion with the background image. We were playing around a bit earlier in the day with the image, and I forgot that your background image was temporarily slaved to the one over at the sandbox wiki. That resulted in the wonky, tiled image showing up on both wikis simultaneously. Lemme just say that the design for this wiki never involved a tiled image. I've now broken the link between the two wikis' backgrounds and restored the intended, untiled background.

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    • Ah that makes sense, I thought it was a bit odd of a mistake to make. Thanks for the fix!

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    • Cool, it's great now. :) Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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