• Hey man! I noticed the new look of the Wiki, and I was thinking ... a few things :)

    First, great job with including Civ 6 in the main menu - it's going to be easy now to browse all related content. Aaaa, don't you think we should have a direct link to Civics there? You now, the way we had to Social Policies in Civ 5? I mean, Civics are kinda the successor of Social Policies, and they're a major part of the game. Or you're thinking to include them in the Government article? Speaking of that, I'm expanding it a bit...

    Now, I'm not sure I like the background color works... Or it's just temporary? Dam, I'm not even sure I should be asking these things of you ! I just thought of sharing my impressions ... 

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    • Hey thanks for the feedback. Yes you're right that Civics should be on there, probably instead of government. I was actually in a bit of a hurry to get a basic Civ6 tab done so I only put a few preliminary links in there.

      The whole theme is very very temporary, I threw it together quickly because I figured we couldn't keep the CivBE look any longer, it really is no longer fitting now that we're covering Civ6.

      Your questions and feedback are always welcome. If you have suggestions for a better color scheme or anything else don't hesitate.

      Feel free to tweak the content of the Template:Mainpage_Box_Content or any other element of the main page that you think could be better. If you have CSS changes you want to make or have better elements for the theme I'll be happy to implement them.

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    • OK then. For starters, I'm thinking of replacing the Government link with a link to Civics (which is currently a more extensive article anyway). Then, we could expand your Government article, by simply moving the respective section that is currently within the Civics article. I think the two items should be separate anyway, since Civics is actually the research system, and Government is the actual implementation of the Civics you discover. Later, when we have more info, we should include a list of the Civics within that article, or at least a link to the list of Civics. 

      As for CSS changes, I'll think about it. My CSS is a bit rusty anyway...

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    • By the way I'm not too clear on what you said about the background color (of the whole page (Beige) I assume.

      That can very easily be changed, is it that you don't like the look of it or do you think it causes issues?

      What about the rest of the color scheme?

      Anyway again this theme shouldn't be around much, so I won't spend too much time customizing other elements of the wiki to fit it.

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    • Yes, the beige color. Not that it causes issues, but I think it blends too much with the background image. I like the color in Knakveey's sample better. And no, you shouldn't lose time twicking other elements, just select a color which is a bit more ... distinct. 

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    • I undid a Redirect from the Technologies link on the main page, and started a list of techs, as last seen in the 'Devs show off Religion' video. So, the technologies link now sends to this list, as it was in Civ 5 :)

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    • Great! I redirected to the category because there was no tech list ready yet so that's perfect.

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