• Hey there! I appreciate all the work you've put into cleaning up the Civ6 articles, but I wanted to point you to a recent discussion about the layout:

    Essentially, the people who've opined have agreed that it's better to avoid having one-line lead-ins or section headings before longer lead-ins, especially when a table of contents will be automatically inserted in longer articles (i.e. those with more section headings) and force readers who aren't on mobile platfoms to scroll down in search of important information. Therefore, it's better for the lead-in to an article not to include a header.

    In other words, keep following the format you've been using, but leave out the Game Info header. Thanks again for your contributions and detailed edit summaries!

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    • Oh, I must have missed that discussion. >_< Sorry! I'll make sure to do that from now on.

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