• Hey Eloquity,

    I see you've been working on the ships lately! Good job with the prose, but I'd like to point out that the intro section should be a more straight-forward, dry info sort of section. Then, write a Strategy section where you can put your ....eloquence (!) to work. Mind, though, that the Strategy should also contain in-game tips, not only general talk. 

    Let me edit your Frigate post, so you see what I mean.  

    Oh, and please don't let this dampen your creative spirit! I'm just trying to give you some guidelines to help streamline your contribution. Keep up the good work! 

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    • Oh I didn't see your message before I fixed the formatting of the Frigate because it made me freak out a little bit. D:

      Sorry for editing your edits, by the way. I think it came off as super passive-agressive, and I didn't mean it to be.

      I was originally doing that, but ZeroOne's edit on Gurdwara (Civ6) left me a little confused. I know we're supposed to leave out unnecessary categories, and ZeroOne told me to use full sentences in the intro. If the Strategy section is only a few sentences long, does it go in the intro, or in another section?

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    • Well, that's ... not a consensus among the editors :) But it depends what do you mean by 'a few sentences'? 

      The gist of the thing is that the intro contains the info about what the thing is exactly and what does it do. For example:

      Foo is a unit in Civ 6. It requires blablabla, it does this and  that. Under some circumstances it does blablablbal

      Then, the Strategy describes how you use the thing in the game. For example:

      Foo is the strongest unit in this Era, but vulnerable to this and that. You could build multiple foos and rush the enemy, but it will require an effort etc. etc. 

      To recap: there are no fixed lengths about the intro; what is fixed is what goes in it. In the case of the Frigate your nice and imaginative description didn't have place in the intro (besides being wrong on couple of counts), it sounded more like a Strategy description of the Frigate's advantages over other ships. 

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    • Oh okay, that makes more sense. Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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