• Hey! Just so you know, there's a specific way to format the Gallery sections of pages. First, you start and end with the following tags (minus the dashes):



    Between them, you'll type "File:" or "Image:" and the names of the images you want to include in the gallery - no need for double brackets or size specifications. If you want to include captions, type them after a vertical bar. For example, in the Gallery section of the Jadwiga page, I typed the following between the opening and closing gallery tags to make the images appear as they do:

    "File:Jadwiga Civ6 Splash.jpg|Promotional image of Jadwiga

    File:Jadwiga loading screen (Civ6).jpg|Jadwiga on the loading screen

    File:Jadwiga Portrait.jpg|A portrait of Jadwiga (which appears to be the basis for her in-game model)"

    Just wanted to let you know so you can give these sections a cleaner look. Other than that, keep up the good work!

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