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    About your note "Removed the Bug note. The observed effect happens every turn you have the option to change Policies; and since building the wonder gives you an extra slot it also gives you the opportunity to change Policies in general. Thus, the 'bug'."

    From what I have experienced in R&F this bug only happens when one of the 4 Wonders is constructed awarding an extra slot. It does not happen when you finish a policy. Also does not happen when a policy you are using is removed since it is obsoleted. Not sure about the Government Plaza.

    But I guess it is minor enough to not be mentioned in the wonder page. Especially since it might be fixed one day.

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    • I just did some research... and I guess you're correct. It doesn't happen every time we switch Policies (or rather, when we have the opportunity to do it for free). Maybe it happens when for some reason a Policy becomes obsolete in the middle of the cycle, though , as it is the case with teh Revelation when all Great Prophets are recruited. I'll need to research this better. 

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