• I've noticed the brown-on-brown links are a little hard to see, especially on even darker backgrounds like infoboxes. What do you think of changing links to a slightly darker color for better visibility?

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    • Now that you mention it... Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. 👍

      And now that we're talking, could you get someone to look at the main page with the tabs? When you open the main page, all the tabs are open at once, on top of each other! Clicking the tab headers hides fixes the situation and only shows the desired tab.

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    • My boss suggests reporting the tabber issue using S:C/bug.

      As for the links, Civilization VI: Rise & Fall uses this shade of brown (#692600) in its logo. Maybe it could be a good alternate choice?

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    • Great, I have now reported the issue with the recommended way.

      The "R&F shade of brown" is indeed more readable, you can see it clearly when it's right below the S:C/bug link which is rendered with the lighter shade of brown. Funnily enough the R&F shade looks to me almost the same as the color of our nicknames on this page, but actually the nicknames have the same color as any other links, only in boldface letters.

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