• I've carefully looked over and thought about your edit to the Strategy section of Flower Power (Civ6), and I just don't see why you say this policy can synergize well with Culture Bombs. Rock Bands don't have any promotions that allow them to trigger Culture Bombs, and since they can only perform concerts on tiles owned by opponents, stealing tiles from an opponent doesn't help the player's Rock Bands at all - if anything, it hurts them by giving them fewer possible venues (or places where opponents can create venues) for concerts.

    Can you explain the rationale behind this edit? Or does the last sentence of the Strategy section perhaps need to be removed?

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    • I have probably fouled up there. I thought that there was now, after the latest patch, a more direct connection between loyalty and tourism. There was some talk about that a while ago and for some reason I thought they had implemented it.

      Based on this misunderstanding, I believed that the 100% tourism provided by the card would now in addition to it's primary effects help to culturally overwhelm enemy cites from which you could then use to deploy culture bombs to grab the strategic locations that you wanted.

      I'll go and revert the edit. Sorry about that! :( LogicEcho (talk) 19:11, July 28, 2019 (UTC)

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    • No worries! There've been plenty of times when I've either jumped the gun on adding information to articles or revised articles without realizing that changes had been implemented. Anyone can make these kinds of mistakes, but they're easy enough to fix.

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