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    This is Thinking Nut. I read with interest your contributions to the main Chinese Civ 6 wiki page. It's great to see you are also writing your version of strategies for this great civ. I'd like to discuss with you   two points you made:

    1. You mentioned that players should refrain from getting Monument to the Gods (M.t.t.G) as their pantheon because that would duplicate the effects of First Emperor (F.E). I've extensively tested this, and M.t.t.G stacks with the F.E's effects, meaning that the original 15% would become 17.25% when combined with M.t.t.G. You might also want to consider mentioning that combining Autocracy (+10% towards Wonders), M.t.t.G (+15% towards Ancient to Classical Wonders) and Corvee (+15%) = +40%, which increases each Builder charge's worth to +21% towards any Ancient to Classical Wonder. Point is, if one is playing as China and wants to rush many Ancient to Classical Wonders, M.t.t.G would be exactly the Pantheon they would want.

    2. You also mentioned that Civ 6's China has no inherent abilities that aid them towards victory conditions other than Science and Culture. I beg to differ. China's versatility means that she can pursue all the victory types with finesse. To back up this statement, here is the table I drew up in my own strategy page (for your ease of reference, I omitted the Science and Cultural Victory types to prove my point):

    Victory Type Notes
    Religious Rushing Stonehenge, Oracle, Jebel Barkal and Mahabodhi Temple can give a religious edge. In choosing beliefs, a setup that has worked very well for me is the following: (Pantheon) Monument to the Gods, (Follower) Divine Inspiration, (Worship) Mosque, (Founder) Pilgrimage and (Enhancer) Holy Order. Grab these whenever possible, and feel free to improvise as appropriate.

    [1] Consider also taking Grand Master's Chapel for your Government Plaza buildings, Exodus of the Evangelists for Dedications, and Moksha for Governors.

    [2] Also consider getting the Great Bath for its scaling [3] Faith yields.

    Domination Building a huge army early and then rushing Terracotta Army can provide a military edge. This will set China up for a mid to late game domination victory. If key strategic points throughout the empire need defending, the player can fortify Crouching Tigers on tiles with the Great Wall improvement, forts and/or encampments.

    [4] Warlord's Throne and War Department from the Government Plaza buildings will be helpful. For Dedications, To Arms! is your best bet. And of course, the Governor Victor will be helpful in defending key cities from being taken (or re-taken), and for bolstering loyalty in newly conquered cities. For policy cards, take Limitanei and Praetorium as necessary.

    [5] With the changes to Victor's Embrasure title, it is now possible to delegate your [6] Production of troops to the city governed by Victor, and have your whole army come with out with a free promotion. As mentioned above, rush Terracotta Army and your army will have two free promotions possibly before any fighting has even begun! This can set up a Chinese army to be extremely deadly by the mid-game.

    Diplomatic [7] Beelining for the Apadana and then building as many Wonders in its parent city as possible can give China a diplomatic edge. This will maximise the two extra [8] Envoys per Wonder bonus and allow you to more competently compete for Suzerainty of multiple city-states. Rushing Mahabodhi Temple is also helpful.
    Score Being a well-rounded civ, China should have no issue with overall scores.
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    • 1. Thank you for bringing that up - it certainly warrants a mention. I'll edit the Strategy section accordingly to reflect that.

      2. I think you're actually reinforcing my point here. The bonuses toward Religious, Domination, and Diplomatic Victories come from Wonders, not the Chinese civilization or leader abilities or unique components. Any civ that managed to build the Wonders you mention, select the beliefs you recommend, and/or assign Victor to a city after giving him Embrasure would be able to pursue those victory conditions just as easily as China, if not moreso. However, I mention in the subsection about their leader ability that the Wonders the Chinese choose to build will have a strong impact on their path to victory, and I reiterate in the Victory Types subsection that they'll be able to pursue other victory conditions by building the right Wonders. I'll refer any readers who want to explore these possibilities to your in-depth guide - maybe it'll bring a little more traffic your way.

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    • Thanks for the fast reply, Mythril, and for editing the main page as per my first point.

      Regarding your second point: Yes, I agree that any other civ who manages to build the same Wonders would be in as good a position to win the game - if not more so. The key here is that the First Emperor ability allows China to build all these early game Wonders faster than any other civ in the game using its high builder charge + builder-rushing mechanic, and that is the direct advantage China has to win the game via Domination, Diplomatic and Religious means. 

      I agree with everything else you've stated.

      Also, thank you for referring readers to my in-depth guide. Very kind of you.

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    • Not a problem, sir! You've put a lot of time and effort into writing it, and I hope that your fellow Civ6 players recognize and appreciate that.

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