• Hi, are you still here? I have some questions about your BecerBot and Module:Data for Civ6. I would like to do something similar for R&F and GS. Could you share your scripts for extracting the data from civ6 database into wiki format? Thanks for help

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    • Hello there, There unfortunately never was a "production grade" easily shareable script to complete the entire process, and I also haven't done the work myself in a while. I spent some time today looking at my archives and believe I have located most of the individual steps that, when pieced together, allowed me to upload the game's data to this wiki. This being said I am not immediately able to get it to work again more time would probably need to be spent on this to make it work again.

      I will note that after having effectively burnt myself out of wiki editing I have completely lost track of this wiki's activities and do not even recall/know if the Civ6 data I uploaded was ever used anywhere on the wiki. It is possible that what you are trying to achieve might be done more easily without mocking about with lua databases, just like it is possible that it would be hard to achieve without them.

      A quick look around tells me you might be trying to use this process for Civ6 tech templates, is that the case? If not, what other purpose(s) do you have in mind? Knowing this might allow me to better assist you, and to share with you what is relevant.

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