• Are you sure that duel maps have 2 continents?


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    • I just read Zigzagzigal's England guide on steam and he says there are 2 continents on duel maps. I just did a quick test, I think there is only one. I just asked him to verify his information about that, to see where his info comes from. I will just change it back for now.

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    • Is there anything in the game code that indicates the number of continents on each map size?

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    • As per┬áMaps.xml (emphasis mine):

      <Row Description="LOC_MAPSIZE_DUEL_DESCRIPTION" Continents="1" PlateValue="3" NumNaturalWonders="2" GridHeight="26" GridWidth="44" DefaultPlayers="2" Name="LOC_MAPSIZE_DUEL_NAME" MapSizeType="MAPSIZE_DUEL"/>

      Zigzagzigal's strategy guides are quite thorough and helpful, but he's wrong on this particular matter.

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    • Thanks! I reverted back my changes. I told him about that too, thank you for letting me know.

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