Hi, I am back to editing the wiki after a few months of MIA :)

I really want to make adjustments to the pages of the governors, as you already know there were a lot of changes to them when transiting from R&F to GS. Right now, in those pages, the titles are in alphabetical order, not in the tier of the title order, and old R&F titles are mixed with new GS titles. All of that can confuse our readers, especially when considering that we now only have pictures of governors' titles in R&F and not GS (I am sorry about this, I really want to help with photos but I am not very proficient at it).

What I propose right now is to separate titles according to tier, from default titles to tier 3 ones, and we separate R&F from GS (similar to the effects part in buildings and tile improvements that I made when transitioning from R&F to GS). The main problem I run into is that right now, on the governor's pages, the titles are using direct link templates to their separate title pages. I am not sure if you are ok with (or if it is even possible) if I rewrite these pages without using direct link templates and just with normal text. If we rewrite those titles according to tier on the governors' pages, I'm not sure if we even need separate pages for each title, but I may be wrong.

If you make it down here, thanks for reading these walls of text :)

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