Hi, I am back to editing the wiki after a few months of MIA :)

I really want to make adjustments to the pages of the governors, as you already know there were a lot of changes to them when transiting from R&F to GS. Right now, in those pages, the titles are in alphabetical order, not in the tier of the title order, and old R&F titles are mixed with new GS titles. All of that can confuse our readers, especially when considering that we now only have pictures of governors' titles in R&F and not GS (I am sorry about this, I really want to help with photos but I am not very proficient at it).

What I propose right now is to separate titles according to tier, from default titles to tier 3 ones, and we separate R&F from GS (similar to the effects part in buildings and tile improvements that I made when transitioning from R&F to GS). The main problem I run into is that right now, on the governor's pages, the titles are using direct link templates to their separate title pages. I am not sure if you are ok with (or if it is even possible) if I rewrite these pages without using direct link templates and just with normal text. 

If you make it down here, thanks for reading these walls of text :)

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