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Tidal Turbine
Tidal Turbine (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 110 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires Geophysics
Specialist slots None
Effect +4 20xEnergyBE Energy
Notes None

The Tidal Turbine is an aquatic only improvement that was introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.

The building provides +4 20xEnergyBE Energy


Although water impulse systems have existed for millennia, the Long Melt and rising sea levels created a revitalized interest in harnessing the power of water to create electricity. With almost every coastal civilization affected by flooding from climate change and the onset of thousands of new bodies of water, the evolution of the once-simple water wheel advanced at an exponential rate. One of the first major advancements was the development of the Tidal Turbines. First developed by the intrepid engineer, inventor, and scientist, Julian Montes-Rey, the Tidal Turbines were originally deemed too dangerous to install on North Sea Alliance ARKs. After several iterations, a design capable of withstanding catastrophic oceanic environments was approved for installation on the floating cities.

The Tidal Turbines are enormous structures that use currents and tidal forces to generate power. The Tidal Turbines are some of the most efficient turbines ever created, operating at a mechanical efficiency of over 98%. The Turbines are normally installed as a huge structure beginning on an aquatic city, and then extending into the water below. By targeting specific thermoclines, the Tidal Turbines output greater energy than standard water machines. While the kinetic energy produced by currents and tidal streams generates much of the power, further electricity is produced through ocean thermal energy conversion. The Tidal Turbines are capable of utilizing differences in temperatures between sea surface and the deep sea.

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