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Tile improvements are created by Workers on most terrain types. All improvements, except Roads and Magrails, can only be built on terrain owned by the player's colony.

A given tile may have only 1 tile improvement; any attempt to build another one on the same tile will result in the previous tile improvement being replaced.

Note that most tile improvements only improve the tile yield, and thus have effect only if the relevant tile is being worked by a Citizen from a nearby city. Strategic resource improvements, however, also add the number of the relevant strategic resource to your total (regardless of the tile being worked, or not), while transportation improvements work at all times.

Standard improvements[]

These improvements can be built anywhere there is suitable terrain.

Tile imp Tech required Built on Yield Maint
Academy Academy Cognition Any[1]

+1Culture with Protogenetics
+1Science with Learning Centers

Array Array Communications Flatland

+1Science, +1Energy, +1 Orbital coverage
+1Science with Orbital Automation

Biowell Biowell Bionics Any[1]

+2Food, +1Health
+1Culture with Alien Genetics

Dome Dome Biology Any[1]

+10 City Hitpoints
+1Energy with Biospheres

Farm Farm

Grassland, Plains or Desert without Forest or Marsh
Hills or Tundra with Fresh Water
Ocean RT only.png and Coasts RT only.png

+1Production with Industrial Ecology
+1Science with Artificial Evolution
+1Food, +1Energy with Vertical Farming

Generator Generator Any[1]

+1Energy with Organics
+1Production with Planetary Engineering
+1Science with Biometallurgy

Manufactory Manufactory Robotics Any land

+1Science with Nanorobotics
+2Production with Social Investment



Mine Mine

Copper, Gold, Silica or Titanium Titanium

+1Energy on Copper
+1Science on Copper with Network
+1Culture on Gold
+1Science on Silica
+1Health on Silica with Optical Surgery
+3Production on Titanium Titanium
+2Production on Titanium Titanium with Alloy Foundry
+1Energy with Biometallurgy

Node Node Autonomous Systems Any[1]

+2Energy, heal adjacent friendly units for 20 HP per turn
+1Science with Hypercomputing

Terrascape Terrascape Terraforming Any land without Miasma

No yield from terrain
+2Food, +2Production, +2Culture
+1Food, +1Production, +1Culture with Ecoscaping



in Rising Tide

Resource improvements[]

These improvements can only be built on an appropriate resource. In addition to what is listed, some can produce additional resources.

Tile imp Tech req Built on Yield Maint
Bed Bed RT only.png Shell, Eggs

+1 Culture Culture from Shell
+1Production Production from Eggs
+1Science with Biology

Firaxite Mine Firaxite Mine Robotics Firaxite Firaxite

+1 Culture with Holosuite
+1Science with Observatory
+1Science with Neurolab

Fishery Fishery RT only.png Plankton, Chelonia

+1 Energy Energy from Plankton
+1Science Science from Chelonia
+1Food with Swarm Robotics

Floatstone Quarry Floatstone Quarry Terraforming Floatstone Floatstone


Geothermal Well Geothermal Well Geophysics Geothermal Geothermal

+1Energy with Power Systems

Paddock Paddock Chitin Chitin or Resilin Resilin

+1Production on Chitin Chitin
+1Science on Resilin Resilin
+1Production on Resilin with Bionics Lab +1Culture with Alien Lifeforms

Petroleum Well Petroleum Well Chemistry Petroleum Petroleum

+2Energy, +1Production
+1Energy, +1Production with Petrochemical Plant



Plantation Plantation Fiber, Fruit, Fungus Fungus or Tubers Tubers

+1Production on Fiber
+1Food on Fruit
+1Food on Fungus Fungus
+1Food on Fungus with Growlab
+2Food on Tubers Tubers
+1Food with Photosystems

Quarry Quarry Basalt

+1Production on Basalt
+1Production with Power Systems

Sea Well Sea Well RT only.png Vents

+1Energy Energy
+1Science Science
+2Energy with Mobile LEV

Work Barge Work Barge Planetary Survey Algae Algae or Coral Coral

+1Food on Algae Algae in Base BE
+1Energy on Algae Algae in Rising TideRT only.png
+1Science, +1Production on Coral Coral
+1Food, +1Production with Water Refinery
+1Science with Tissue Engineering

Xenomass Well Xenomass Well Alien Sciences Xenomass Xenomass

+1Science with Alien Genetics
+1Culture with Alien Domestication
+1Energy with Xenofuel Plant
+1Production with Cloning Plant


Transportation improvements[]

These improvements can be built on any passable land tile. They can be built alongside any other improvement.

Tile improvement Tech required Maintenance
Roads Roads - 1Energy Energy
Magrails Magrails Fabrication 2Energy Energy


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Does not include terrain that workers can not travel on such as canyons. Also, this improvement can not be built on coast or ocean without the Rising Tide expansion.
RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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