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Resource in Beyond Earth

Yields None
Notes Used by many mechanical and Orbital Units.

Game info[]

  • Strategic resource. Revealed by Engineering technology. Harvested with a Mine.

Titanium is a strategic resource important for production and for producing orbital units.



Titanium is the strategic resource when it comes to Production Production boosting: a single source may bump up a city's Production Production enormously, especially in the early game when there aren't that many Production Production boosters available.

Titanium is needed for all advanced satellite units (although not as much as Petroleum Petroleum), and for some Affinity units as well, which makes it very important for players developing their orbital capabilities.

Titanium is required for the following units:

Titanium is required for the following buildings:

  • Alloy Foundry (Only requires improved resource nearby, does not cost Titanium.)

Civiliopedia Entry[]

Of strategic importance to the progress of the colonies, titanium (atomic weight 47.86; atomic number 22) has low density, high strength and is resistant to salt water, aqua regia, chlorine and a number of other corrosives. Titanium is relatively common on this planet, and composes approximately 0.48 percent of the crust; however, because of its reactivity with so many other elements, it is difficult to produce pure titanium. Due to this, titanium is used instead in a wide range of metallic alloys. Bonded with minerals such as aluminum, molybdenum and vanadium, titanium alloys have critical aerospace and military applications. In the civilian realm, these alloys are used in petro-chemical production, desalination plants, the agri-food industry, and for medical implants and human augmentation. Half as dense as iron yet almost as high in tensile strength, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal; it is as strong as most steel composites, but is 45% lighter. Due to this, finding deposits of titanium ore is a high priority for those colonies which have adopted a Supremacy or Purity approach, the former for transhumanist adaptations and the latter for military and industrial purposes.


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