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 "No vessel could pass these guns without being seriously assailed."
– Laure Junot Abrantes
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The Torre de Belém is a Renaissance Era wonder in Civilization VI. It must be built on Coast adjacent to land and a Harbor. It cannot be built on a Lake.


Generally speaking, the Torre de Belém is an unreliable wonder. It has two main bonuses: one is dependent on your trading partners to be effective, and the other is borderline impossible to properly plan for.

The main bonus of the Torre de Belém is extra Gold Gold for international Trade Route Trade Routes. Now, there are cases where this bonus will add a massive amount of Gold Gold to your international Trade Route Trade Routes. To take advantage of this bonus, you must send all your Trade Route Trade Routes from the city in which this wonder is built, and you must send them to foreign cities with many luxury resources (they don't have to be unique ones; duplicates work just as well). Note that this doesn't mean you can simply find the city with the most luxury resources and send all of your Trade Route Trade Routes there, since each Trade Route Trade Route from a given city must have a unique destination. You could attempt to count the number of luxuries each city has, but in practice this bonus simply adds more Gold Gold to certain Trade Route Trade Routes on the list, and if your end goal is Gold Gold then you'll still just select the route with the highest yield. It is possible to find cities where this bonus has a large impact due to the presence of many luxury resources, but you may still find that other cities still provide more Gold Gold due to their bonuses from District Districts or elsewhere. It's also important to note that this bonus stacks nicely with the bonus from being the Suzerain of Venice, so players who already have this Suzerainty may want to give this wonder extra consideration.

The second bonus is definitely more interesting and unique, but even less reliable than the first one. It gives every city that isn't on your home continent the cheapest building that city can build for free. The huge problem with this bonus is that you cannot plan for it to give you what you want. Your cities will constantly have to produce something, so the chances of the building you need being the cheapest one you can get for free upon completing the Torre de Belém are extremely small. Most of the time, you will be building this wonder when you accidentally realize you can actually make use of this second bonus, so to attempt to make the best use of this ability, construct your City Center buildings ASAP, as these are the cheapest and hopefully when the Torre de Belém is complete, you will receive more valuable buildings such as Libraries or Markets. Try to construct those City Center buildings with the World Congress resolution that grants +100% Production Production to a certain District District, as the AI is likely to agree with a City Center vote in these early eras where cities are still being settled.

However, one of the most economical and reliable uses of the second bonus is to try and get Flood Barriers into your overseas cities after discovering Computers. Because the mechanic only looks at base Production Production, and the Flood Barrier costs a mere 80 Production Production, purchasing other buildings of equal or lower cost can ensure these cities are protected from rising sea levels on the cheap. As colonial cities tend to be coastal and have weaker Production Production than cities near the Capital Capital, this is likely the best value one can get out of the wonder.

Overall, since the first bonus grants mostly inconsequential amounts of Gold Gold for an absurd amount of Production Production and the second bonus is too random and unreliable to be worked into a general strategy, there is no main reason why you should build the Torre de Belém. Trade-focused civilizations with a lot of Trade Route Trade Routes, including Phoenicia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mali, and England, can pay attention to this wonder, as well as anyone playing on a map that has multiple continents. However, these aforementioned civilizations tend not to have trouble generating Gold Gold from their dense trade network, so this wonder's economic bonuses are but a drop in the bucket.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Torre de Belém is one of Portugal’s most recognizable structures and serves a monument to the Age of Discovery. The tower stands defensively in Lisbon’s harbor and acted as the starting point for many explorers setting off into the Atlantic. King Manuel I commissioned Francisco de Arruda in the 16th century to design and build the structure. The tower is made from limestone and is designed in the ornate Manueline style. The grand stonework is visible from a distance. If someone were to give the tower a closer look, they would see sculptures and most curiously, a rhinoceros head carved into the stone. Even with its exterior grandeur and beauty, it was functional and served as an active defense for the region.


  • There are two unused quotes for this wonder in the game files:
    •  "Situated where the river mouth is at its narrowest, it is natural that it was chosen as the site of one of the forts built to defend the capital."
      – Unknown
    •  "Here, then, on a sand bank washed once by every high tide, but now joined to the mainland as so unromantic a feature as the gas works, a tower."
      – Walter Crum Watson


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