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Tourism Tourism is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It represents the special cultural appeal of a civilization to foreign civilizations. It is closely related to Culture Culture and is key to one of the possible victory types - specifically, Cultural Victory.


Unlike regular Culture Culture, Tourism Tourism can't be used for anything by the civilization that produces it - instead, it applies steady pressure to all other civilizations that the player has already met. This pressure accumulates over time, attracting tourists to the various sources of Tourism Tourism in your lands, and eventually it may lead your civilization to a Cultural Victory.

Note that for Cultural Victories, pressure from Tourism Tourism is applied to civilizations from the moment you meet them. So, exploration, meeting all civilizations, and having them in the game (i.e., liberating captured cities to prevent them from being eliminated) is very important for a Cultural Victory.

Tourism Tourism is divided into two types:

The two types behave differently in the game world. While Religious Tourism is potentially much stronger in the first half of world history, it is nevertheless based on ideas (and items) which are later negated and become less effective. General tourism sources, on the other hand, have a broad rational appeal which retains its strength through the ages.

Even so, certain actions like constructing the Cristo Redentor or picking the Reliquaries belief can help sustain your Relics' cultural importance through the ages.

Tourism lens[]

Domestic Tourists and Visiting (Foreign) Tourists[]

There are two different kinds of tourists which are important to understand when it comes to a Cultural Victory. You can track their numbers in the Cultural Victory tab of the Victory screen.

Each civilization is designated with numbers for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. To win a Cultural Victory your civilization must attract a higher number of total visiting tourists than the highest of any other civilization's domestic tourists.

  • Domestic Tourists are the "internal" tourists of a civilization. They visit the sights and enjoy the events in their homeland, as opposed to other lands. They are attracted over time by a civilization's total Culture Culture: the more it produces, the more domestic tourists it will generate. This is important because it directly influences other civilizations going for a Cultural Victory: as long as one has many domestic tourists, an opponent will have to struggle that much harder to win culturally!
  • Foreign Tourists are the "external" tourists, those from a civilization's total tourist contingent that choose to visit other lands rather than their own. They are attracted by other civilizations' Tourism Tourism output.

Note that each civilization's tourist contingent starts as one, but each turn they choose whether to visit their own lands or a foreign country. If you can attract foreign tourists from another civilization faster than they can generate tourists then the number of their domestic tourists will fall and the barrier to victory might also lower, if that civilization has the highest number of domestic tourists of all. You can visualize this dynamic if you track their domestic tourists growth in the moments other civilizations take their turns, and then compare the numbers after the process ends. You will notice that they reach a certain number, which goes down afterwards - this is because your civilization's Tourism Tourism effect is calculated last, and it has taken out some domestic tourists to turn them into your visiting tourists.

The number of domestic tourists a civilization attracts is calculated as follows:

Domestic Tourists = (Lifetime Culture Accumulation + Life Time Civic Boosts) / 100

Note that the equivalent Culture Culture value of Inspiration Inspirations counts towards domestic Tourism Tourism.

The number of visiting (foreign) tourists your civilization can attract from another is calculated as follows:

Foreign Tourists from one Civilization = Lifetime Tourism Output to that Civilization / (# of civilizations * 200)

Note that in Rise and Fall the modifier was increased from 150 to 200.

Tourism Tourism output to a civilization equals the base Tourism Tourism output of your civilization multiplied by the total modifiers specific to that civilization, determined by tech, relations, policies, etc. Each civilization can in principle have a different number of tourists visiting your civilization. See the example in a later section.

Foreign Tourists = Sum of Foreign Tourists from each other Civilization

The total foreign tourists of your civilization is the sum of foreign tourists from every other civilization. When your total foreign tourists is greater than the number of domestic tourists of another civilization, your civilization is culturally dominant over that civilization.

An immediate effect of the way foreign tourists are accumulated from all civilizations is that: the tourists attracted from one civilization to your civilization contributes to your progress towards cultural dominance over a third civilization. In turn, that means an increase in the number of civilizations can make defense against cultural dominance more difficult, since the tourists attracted from relatively open civilizations can outweigh the lack of tourists from a few heavily 'defended' civilization.

The latter stages of the game typically have Tourism Tourism outputs per turn in the order of thousands after modifiers, and thus this renders early Tourism Tourism gains negligible - one late-game turn might accumulate the entire Tourism Tourism output of the first 150 turns. However the buildings, items or wonders that gave rise to early Tourism Tourism may prove to be valuable for a Cultural Victory in the latter stages.

Cultural dominance[]

(This section applies only to the Gathering Storm ruleset.)

As stated above, in order to win a Cultural Victory, you need to attract a total number of visiting tourists larger than any other civilizations' number of domestic tourists. On your way to defeat the civilization with the highest number of domestic tourists, you will step by step become culturally dominant over other lesser cultures. Having cultural dominance over a civilization provides you with these benefits:

  • International Trade Route Trade Routes to their cities provide +4 Gold Gold.
  • Spy missions in their cities are 50% faster to complete.
  • Your citizens exert 25% more Loyalty pressure on their cities.

Sources of Tourism[]

Base Tourism Tourism is produced by very specific sources.

Great Works[]

Great Works are items of exceptional cultural quality which are important enough to contribute to world culture in general. There are three types of Great Works:

Great Works of Art[]

They are produced by the Great Artists, Great Writers, and Great Musicians attracted to your civilization, and all of them create General Tourism.

  • Each Great Artist can create three Great Works of Art. Each artwork contributes +3 Tourism Tourism. Museum theming doubles these values.
  • Each Great Writer can create two Great Work of Writing Great Works of Writing. Each piece of literature contributes +4 Tourism Tourism. After the discovery of Printing, Great Work of Writing Great Works of Writing contribute +8 Tourism Tourism each. In Gathering Storm, each Great Work of Writing Great Work of Writing contributes +2 Tourism Tourism, doubling to +4 Tourism Tourism after researching Printing.
  • Each Great Musician can create two Great Work of Music Great Works of Music. Each musical score contributes +4 Tourism Tourism.


Artifact Artifacts are dug up by Archaeologists and also create General Tourism. Each Archaeologist produced by a city which has constructed an Archaeological Museum can acquire three Artifact Artifacts (six for England in the base game and Rise and Fall). Each Artifact Artifact provides +3 Tourism Tourism, which can double to +6 Tourism Tourism if the Archaeological Museum is themed.


Relic Relics can be created when an Apostle with the Martyr promotion dies in theological combat. Relics generate Religious Tourism, specifically contributing +8 Tourism Tourism. The Reliquaries religious belief increases output of Relic Relics to +24 Tourism Tourism. Relics in the city with St. Basil's Cathedral receive an extra +8 Tourism Tourism, meaning if you have Reliquaries religious belief, each Relic in the city with St. Basil's Cathedral will grant +32 Tourism Tourism. The Wonder Mont St. Michel is helpful for collecting relics since it provides 2 Relic Relic slots and grants newly created Apostles the Martyr promotion automatically.

Great Works, Artifact Artifacts and Relic Relics can only be created or housed if your civilization has appropriate building types, and free slots, to hold the item - for example, an Art Museum for a Great Work of Art or an Amphitheater for a Great Work of Writing Great Work of Writing.

Districts, buildings and Wonders[]

Tile Improvements[]

Aside from National Parks, improvements must be within a city's workable area to provide Tourism Tourism.

The Flight technology[]

Once Flight is discovered, a number of new sources of Tourism Tourism become available:

In the case of tile improvements that generate Tourism Tourism with Flight, base terrain and resources do not affect their Tourism Tourism output. For example, a Kampung built on a Coast tile adjacent to unimproved Fish Fish and owned by a city without a Lighthouse doesn't produce Tourism Tourism even though a Coast tile produces 1 Food Food, and a Plantation built on Coffee Coffee doesn't produce Tourism Tourism even though Coffee Coffee produces 1 Culture Culture. Similarly, a Nubian Pyramid built next to a Theater Square doesn't produce Tourism Tourism because the Nubian Pyramid isn't tagged as capable of producing Tourism Tourism.

Rock Bands in Gathering Storm[]

Gathering Storm introduces a brand new civilian unit designed to apply concentrated bursts of Tourism Tourism to a single civilization. Rock Bands may perform one or more concerts in foreign lands which resist your cultural appeal. While the other standard sources of Tourism Tourism continue applying their steady pressure, strategic use of Rock Bands in the late game can significantly speed up your progress towards a Cultural Victory!

Tourism Modifiers[]

Any Cultural Victory will require careful application of Tourism Tourism modifiers. Compounding of modifiers significantly increase the Tourism Tourism output above its base level. Here we will describe National Modifiers (which affect your Tourism Tourism output irrespective of international affairs) and International Modifiers (which are applied to national Tourism Tourism output to determine Tourism Tourism pressure on each individual foreign civilization).

National Modifiers[]

The modifiers below directly apply to the base level of Tourism Tourism output from specific types of items. National Modifiers are often multiplied (not added together). Your civilization's total national Tourism Tourism output is shown in the main interface bar beside the brown suitcase.

  • +100% Tourism Tourism from all forms after the discovery of the Computers technology (reduced to 25% in GS-Only).
  • GS-Only +25% Tourism Tourism from all forms after the discovery of Environmentalism.
  • +200% Tourism Tourism from Relic Relics by having the Reliquaries religious belief.
  • R&F-Only +100% Tourism Religious Tourism after constructing the Wonder St. Basil's Cathedral from the city that constructed it.
  • +100% Tourism Tourism from Great Work of Writing Great Works of Writing after the discovery of the Printing technology.
  • +200% Tourism Tourism from Great Work of Music Great Works of Music by slotting the Satellite Broadcasts policy card.
  • +100% Tourism Tourism from Great Works of Art and Artifact Artifacts by slotting the Heritage Tourism policy card.
  • +100% Tourism Tourism from Great Works of Art and Artifact Artifacts through Theming of Archaeological and Art Museums.
  • R&F-Only +100% Tourism Tourism from all Great Works in a city governed by Reyna with the Curator title. In Gathering Storm, the title is transferred to Pingala.
  • +200% Tourism Tourism from Artifact Artifacts after activating the special ability of Mary Leakey, an Atomic Era Great Scientist.
  • +100% Tourism Tourism from Seaside Resorts if you have constructed Cristo Redentor.
  • R&F-Only +100% Tourism Tourism from National Parks with the Golden Age Dedication: "Wish You Were Here".
  • R&F-Only +50% Tourism Tourism from Wonders with the Golden Age Dedication: "Wish You Were Here".

If the Monopolies and Corporations game mode is enabled, having a Monopoly on a luxury resource provides +1% national Tourism Tourism for each improvement times the number of civilizations who do not control the resource (+3% with an Industry or Corporation).

International Modifiers[]

After national modifiers have been applied to generate the national Tourism Tourism output, further modifiers affect the output to each individual civilization. International Modifiers are summed (not compounded) and calculated per each foreign civilization. Tourism Tourism output to each civilization can be seen on the Cultural Victory summary page by hovering over each civilization.

Different government penalty[]

Having a different government type applies a percentage penalty to Tourism Tourism between civilizations.

There are two XML parameters involved in the formula for this penalty:

  • "OtherGovernmentIntolerance" (Governments.xml or Expansion2_Governments.xml)

These parameters have changed once between vanilla Civilization VI and the Gathering Storm expansion.

The formula for calculating Tourism Tourism percentage penalty for having a different government type:

  • (Your OtherGovernmentIntolerance + Foreign OtherGovernmentIntolerance) x TOURISM_CONFLICTING_GOVERNMENT_MULTIPLIER

Base game penalty[]

Values for OtherGovernmentIntolerance (BASE GAME):

  • (0) Chiefdom
  • (2) Autocracy
  • (2) Oligarchy
  • (1) Classical Republic
  • (3) Monarchy
  • (4) Theocracy
  • (2) Merchant Republic
  • (5) Fascism
  • (6) Communism
  • (3) Democracy


Base game examples:

  • Chiefdom vs. Classical Republic = (0 + 1) * 3 = -3%
  • Autocracy vs. Oligarchy = (2 + 2) * 3 = -12%
  • Oligarchy vs. Theocracy = (2 + 4) * 3 = -18%
  • Merchant Republic vs. Democracy = (2 + 3) * 3 = -15%
  • Fascism vs. Communism = (5 + 6) * 3 = -33%
  • Communism vs. Communism = no penalty, same government

Gathering Storm penalty[]

Values for OtherGovernmentIntolerance (GATHERING STORM):

  • (0) Chiefdom
  • (0) Autocracy
  • (0) Oligarchy
  • (0) Classical Republic
  • (0) Monarchy
  • (0) Theocracy
  • (0) Merchant Republic
  • (20) Fascism
  • (20) Communism
  • (20) Democracy
  • (20) Corporate Libertarianism
  • (20) Digital Democracy
  • (20) Synthetic Technocracy


Gathering Storm examples:

  • Chiefdom vs. Classical Republic = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%
  • Autocracy vs. Oligarchy = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%
  • Oligarchy vs. Theocracy = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%
  • Merchant Republic vs. Democracy = (0 + 20) * 1 = -20%
  • Fascism vs. Communism = (20 + 20) * 1 = -40%
  • Democracy vs. Digital Democracy = (20 + 20) * 1 = -40%


Suppose our Mongolian city has a themed Archaeological Museum, with Heritage Tourism and Online Communities applied, after we have discovered Computers and activated Mary Leakey's special ability. We have activated Sarah Breedlove's special ability and have Open Borders and a Trade Route Trade Route with America, but we have different governments - Democracy and Communism.

The National Output is calculated from compounded modifiers:

  • 3 Artifact Artifacts has a base of +9 Tourism Tourism.
  • Theming doubles this: +18 Tourism Tourism.
  • Mary Leakey triples this: +54 Tourism Tourism.
  • Heritage Tourism doubles this to +108 Tourism Tourism.
  • Computers multiplies this to +135 Tourism Tourism.

The International Output is calculated from summed modifiers:

  • +25% for having Open Borders.
  • +25% for having a Trade Route Trade Route.
  • +50% for having a Trade Route Trade Route with Online Communities.
  • +25% for having a Trade Route Trade Route with Sarah Breedlove's ability.
  • -40% for having different governments.

The total international modifier is +85%, giving a total output of +249.8, and since it always rounds down, +249 Tourism Tourism to America.

This demonstrates how in the latter stage of the game Cultural Victory is dominated by compounding multipliers and favorable international relations, making this simple themed Archaeological Museum generate +280 Tourism Tourism per turn.


Maximizing Tourism from Great Works of Art[]

Much of the information here is originally from a CivFanatics info page by Victoria, and has been updated and expounded upon by editors of this wiki.[1]

There are a total of 4 types of Great Works of Art:

  • ReligiousArt6 Religious: The first available type of Art, and the only type that is immediately themeable in the Renaissance Era. Religious Art is not counted as Religious Tourism and thus will not be negatively affected by The Enlightenment.
  • Portrait Portrait: First themeable in the Modern Era.
  • Landscape Landscape: First themeable in the Modern Era.
  • Sculpture Sculpture: First themeable in the Atomic Era.

The availability of each type of Great Work of Art is as follows (noting that the order of Great Artist Great Artists appearing within an era is randomized every game):

Great Artist Era Religious Sculpture Landscape Portrait
Andrei Rublev Renaissance 3
Michelangelo 1 2
Hieronymus Bosch 3
Donatello 3
Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād[2] 2 1
Rembrandt van Rijn Industrial 1 2
El Greco 2 1
Qiu Ying 3
Titian 2 1
Hasegawa Tōhaku[2] 3
Jang Seung-eop Modern 3
Sofonisba Anguissola 3
Angelica Kauffman 3
Katsushika Hokusai 3
Edmonia Lewis Atomic 3
Claude Monet 3
Marie-Anne Collot 3
Vincent van Gogh 3
Amrita Sher-Gil Information 3
Boris Orlovsky 3
Gustav Klimt 2 1
Mary Cassatt 3
Wassily Kandinsky[2] 2 1
Total of type
Without Babylon Pack 12 14 18 16
With Babylon Pack 12 14 25 18
Max number of themed buildings
Without Babylon Pack 4 4 6 5
With Babylon Pack 4 4 8 6
Number of leftover (unthemeable) works
Without Babylon Pack 0 2 0 1
With Babylon Pack 0 2 1 0
  • If you do not own the Babylon Pack:
    • Throughout the first two eras (Renaissance and Industrial), only ReligiousArt6 Religious Art is theme-able. If you manage to earn all Great Artist Great Artists that can create ReligiousArt6 Religious Art (by buying or running projects), you are guaranteed to have one themed Museum in the Renaissance Era and three more in the Industrial Era. However, since this perfect scenario is unlikely unless you are playing as Kongo or Russia, it is recommended to trade away any leftover ReligiousArt6 Religious Art for other types of Art after the Industrial Era ends, since you will not be able to earn any more of that type after that point. If Russia is in the game, it may be better not to go for them as Russia often gains so many Great Artist Great Artists in such a short span of time that they can't use the ones they get, so their works will not be available to trade. Afterward, you can theme Portrait Portraits and Landscape Landscapes starting from the Modern Era and Sculpture Sculptures starting from the Atomic Era.
    • Overall, in the first two eras, try to aim for as many Great Artist Great Artists that create ReligiousArt6 Religious as you can, to ideally be able to theme at least 2 Museums. Among those 6 Great Artist Great Artists, Michelangelo and Rembrandt van Rijn are not as desirable as the others, since they can only help you theme 1 Museum with ReligiousArt6 Religious arts, so aim for any combination of the other 4. Between Michelangelo and Rembrandt, Michelangelo is worse, because his Sculpture Sculptures will remain un-theme-able for almost 3 eras. For this reason, also avoid Donatello. Later down the road, Landscape Landscapes are the best, thanks to their high availability and can be themed only after ReligiousArt6 Religious. Portrait Portraits can be themed at the same time as Landscape Landscapes but with slightly lower availability. Sculpture Sculptures are clearly the worst, they cannot be themed until Atomic Era, with very low availability, and will have 2 leftovers even if you can get your hands on all of them, so always avoid Sculpture Sculptures. The good thing is Great Artist Great Artists that create Sculpture Sculptures, except for Michelangelo, cannot create any other types of arts, so you will always have the peace of mind to skip them all, since as long as you avoid Sculpture Sculptures, these Great Artist Great Artists are of no value since they won't help you theme other types of arts. Even if you want Sculpture Sculptures, always avoid Michelangelo (unless, again, when playing as Kongo or Russia), since he will result in the 2 leftover Sculpture Sculptures that cannot be themed, and only provide 1 ReligiousArt6 Religious during the time you need as many ReligiousArt6 Religious as possible.
  • If you own the Babylon Pack:
    • With the introduction of a new Renaissance and Industrial Great Artist Great Artist, there are more possibilities regarding theming bonuses in these eras. Landscape Landscapes now become the safest choice since the number of Landscape Landscapes can be created is now 25, more than other types of art by a long shot and available in every single era. In the first two eras, Landscape Landscapes can theme a maximum of 3 Museums, while ReligiousArt6 Religious can theme 4, but ReligiousArt6 Religious will become un-theme-able if you fail to recruit back-to-back Great Artist Great Artists that can create ReligiousArt6 Religious arts, a possibility that can only be reliably done by Kongo or Russia. However, when playing as those 2 civilizations, since you are so dominant on the Great Artist Great Artist race, you don't even have to choose who to recruit and who to let go most of the time, so you never have to choose between ReligiousArt6 Religious and other types of art. That makes ReligiousArt6 Religious arts a huge liability when it is inferior in every way to Landscape Landscapes. Not to mention, Great Works created by the 3 new Great Artist Great Artists are worth 4 Tourism Tourism, instead of 2, and all 3 of them create at least 2 Landscape Landscapes.
    • Basically, in the first two eras of arts, you want Landscape Landscapes (for reasons listed above) and Portrait Portraits (since it can now be themed in the first two eras and has the second highest availability down the road). Unless you are playing Kongo or Russia, avoid ReligiousArt6 Religious. If you recruit at least one Great Artist Great Artist that creates ReligiousArt6 Religious, make sure you aim to get at least 3 of them so you can theme some of your Museums and trade away leftover ReligiousArt6 Religious arts. Sculpture Sculptures are still the worst type of arts: they cannot be themed until Atomic Era (so you will miss extra Tourism Tourism in the first 3 eras), have second lowest availability, and none of the 3 new Great Artist Great Artists create Sculpture Sculptures so you won't even get the extra Tourism Tourism for your effort. For that reason, avoid Donatello and Michelangelo. Michelangelo only provides 1 ReligiousArt6 Religious, which only helps you theme maximum 1 Museum. If you want to go for the risky ReligiousArt6 Religious arts, you want to theme as many Museums with ReligiousArt6 Religious as possible. Donatello create 3 Sculpture Sculptures that will be stuck in limbo for almost 3 eras before they can be themed. Michelangelo should always be skipped unless playing as Kongo or Russia, since he will result in the 2 leftover Sculpture Sculptures that cannot be themed, and only provide 1 ReligiousArt6 Religious during the time you need as many ReligiousArt6 Religious as possible. If you recruit Donatello, you need to get at least 2 out of 3 Great Artist Great Artists that create Sculpture Sculptures later, only that way can get you theme-able Sculpture Sculpture Museums without any leftover.


Great Works yield comparison (Civ6)

Two Art Museums. The one on the left has three works by the same Artist; the one on the right has works by three different Artists.

Heritage Tourism yield comparison (Civ6)

Two Art Museums with Heritage Tourism. The one on the right has Pingala with the Curator title assigned to its city.

A single Great Work of Art produces a base yield of 3 Culture Culture and 2 Tourism Tourism, which doubles when it is themed. However, a second Great Work of Art from the same Artist in the same Museum produces only 1 Culture Culture and 1 Tourism Tourism, so try to avoid this by moving your Great Artist Great Artists around to create Great Works in different Museums - otherwise, you'll have to wait 10 turns to move their Great Works of Art. Great Works of Art created by the Great Artist Great Artists introduced in the Babylon Pack (Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād, Hasegawa Tōhaku, and Wassily Kandinsky) have a base yield of 3 Culture Culture and 4 Tourism Tourism instead but this yield still gets reduced to 1 Culture Culture and 1 Tourism Tourism if displayed in a Museum with another Great Work of Art from the same Artist. This restriction does not apply to other buildings (the Queen's Bibliotheque, the Bank created by Giovanni de' Medici, the National History Museum) and wonders, so you can use these to store duplicates while keeping the base yield of those Great Works.

The base yields of Great Works of Art can be further modified by the following:

Arts versus archaeology[]

Great Artist Great Artists can be gained in advance, so when Humanism is unlocked you can already slot ReligiousArt6 Religious Art and possibly patronize additional Great Artist Great Artists. This will allow for early and fast theming, which is the real benefit of arts over archaeology. You do not have to wait until Natural History for Archaeologists and then pay 1600 Gold Gold or expend 400 Production Production to get one to then travel to dig up Artifact Artifacts. However, it is better to balance the number of Art Museums and Archaeological Museums after the Industrial Era ends (i.e., all ReligiousArt6 Religious Art is gone), since you are no longer threatened by the prospect that some of your Great Works might be rendered un-themeable. Simply put, if you have leftover ReligiousArt6 Religious Art at this point, there is nothing you can do about that besides trading with your neighbors, which does not solely rely on you and your decisions anymore.

If you are far ahead in the Great Artist Great Artist race and can see yourself getting the first 3–4, it is worth buying some Art Museums if you can. These can normally be filled a lot faster than an Archaeological Museum, and you can theme all 3-4 of these early if you aim specifically for ReligiousArt6 Religious Art. Overall, you have much more control over what types of Art you can create than what Artifact Artifacts of what civilizations and what eras. A Museum costs 1160 Gold Gold compared to 1600 Gold Gold for an Archaeologist, and you still have to build an Archaeological Museum for that. Museums give Great Artist Great Artist points regardless of type; however, having one Archaeological Museum before the Industrial Era ends is important since it boosts Natural History.

Regardless of your victory type, getting 3 Art Museums and 1 Archaeological Museum is worth it for Inspiration Inspirations and for Culture Culture. Remember, once you have gained Inspiration Inspirations, you can always sell Great Works if need be.

Reaching Humanism[]

Getting the Humanism Inspiration Inspiration (earn a Great Artist Great Artist) and therefore getting to Art Museums earlier is a big help. Unless you are playing as Kongo or Russia, this is unlikely to happen without running a few rounds of projects or buying a Great Artist Great Artist. A Cultural Victory, contrary to popular belief, can actually be achieved very early on, and is quite time dependent (before your opponents get a chance to establish a massive Culture Culture defense against your Tourism Tourism). Great Writer Great Writers alone are not quite enough (especially with the Gathering Storm nerf); Great Artist Great Artists are crucial to tip the balance.

Yield maximization and the Hermitage[]

Hermitage yield comparison (Civ6)

The Hermitage showing identical yields when filled with a Landscape and three Sculptures by different Artists (left), three pieces of Religious Art by one Artist and one piece of Religious Art by another (center), and four pieces of Religious Art by four different Artists (right).

ReligiousArt6 Religious Art is your Tourism Tourism gold mine since it is the earliest themeable Tourism Tourism source. Never create ReligiousArt6 Religious Art successively from the same Great Artist Great Artist in the same Art Museum, since 1 Culture Culture and 1 Tourism Tourism is nearly useless - you should have 3 Art Museums up as soon as possible. It is perfectly fine to just place all your religious works other places like the Apadana and the Hermitage, though they still cannot be moved until 10 turns have passed.

The Hermitage is useful to some degree, but not necessary unless you are playing for a lot of Great Works of Art. It costs 1450 Production Production and cannot theme your Works. If it can be auto-themed, then that would make it worth getting but it does not (so this Wonder is only strong under Kristina, and sometimes, Eleanor of Aquitaine for the Loyalty effect). If you can build it early and fast, it is relatively useful to hold duplicate works, but even that does not really justify the high cost for such low amount of resulting Tourism Tourism and Culture Culture, except for when you have a Governor with the Curator title in that city. Besides, by this stage of the game, you should be generating enough Culture Culture to get to the better Tourism Tourism sources like Ski Resorts relatively fast.

It is common to have other cultural civilizations (especially Russia and Kongo) in the game. You will need to run a lot of Theater Square Performances projects to compete for Great Artist Great Artists against them, especially during the Renaissance and Industrial Eras when ReligiousArt6 Religious Art is up for grabs.


  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Available with the Babylon Pack DLC. Great Works created by this Great Artist yield 2 additional Tourism Tourism.

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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