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In Rising Tide, the expansion pack for Civilization: Beyond Earth, the leaders of each faction can purchase or sell trade agreements with 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital. The trade agreements a sponsor has to trade is dependent on the personality traits a player might have. Moreover, a player's relationship level with another sponsor will also determine the availability of a particular personality trait.

List of trade agreementsEdit

Agreement name Reward 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE
Purch cost
Cost per turn
Revealed by
Social Safety Net (CivBE) Social Safety Net Higher 22xPopulationBE Population growth in Capital (CivBE) Capital. 150 15 Umoja
Central Health Authority (CivBE) Central Health Authority More 20xHealthBE Health from your Capital (CivBE) Capital. 75 9 Doctrine of Oneness
Public Works (CivBE) Public Works 20xEnergyBE Energy maintenance for buildings in your Capital (CivBE) Capital reduced. 150 15 Thousand Hands
Eminent Domain (CivBE) Eminent Domain 20xCultureBE Culture cost for new plots in your Capital (CivBE) Capital reduced. 150 15 Refined
Academic Lobby (CivBE) Academic Lobby Capital (CivBE) Capital 20xScienceBE Science yield increased. 250 25 Jeog-ui Naebu
Commercial Lobby (CivBE) Commercial Lobby Capital (CivBE) Capital 20xEnergyBE Energy yield increased. 250 25 Asabiyyah
Castle Doctrine (CivBE) Castle Doctrine More defense 20xStrengthBE Strength in your Capital (CivBE) Capital. 150 15 Guerrilla Mastery
Tax Haven (CivBE) Tax Haven Additional free Trade Route slot in your Capital (CivBE) Capital. (1, 2, 3) 75 9 Common Bond
Surveillance State (CivBE) Surveillance State Less Intrigue in your Capital (CivBE) Capital. 75 9 Suspicious
Crash Program (CivBE) Crash Program 20xProductionBE Production cost for Orbital Units in your Capital (CivBE) Capital reduced. 25 3 Cosmonaut Legacy
Pioneering Spirit (CivBE) Pioneering Spirit Higher outpost growth speed. 25 3 Umoja
Self-Reliance (CivBE) Self-Reliance 20xUnHealthBE Unhealth from global 22xPopulationBE Population reduced. 250 25 Doctrine of Oneness
National Land Management (CivBE) National Land Management More 20xProductionBE Production from Strategic Resources. 150 15 Thousand Hands
National Parks (CivBE) National Parks More 20xCultureBE Culture from Strategic Resources. 150 15 Enlightened
Conservation Areas (CivBE) Conservation Areas More 20xScienceBE Science from Strategic Resources. 150 15 Innovative
Estate Tax (CivBE) Estate Tax More 20xEnergyBE Energy per each owned plot in your territory. 250 25 Commercial
Outpost Militia (CivBE) Outpost Militia Outposts have more 20xStrengthBE Strength and can perform 20xRangedStrengthBEranged strikes. 75 9 Guerrilla Mastery
Market Deregulation (CivBE) Market Deregulation Trade route 22xPopulationBE Population thresholds reduced. 150 15 Common Bond
Agency Cooperation (CivBE) Agency Cooperation Longer sight range for 20xSpyBE Covert Agents in foreign Cities. 75 9 Vigilant
Civilian Observatories (CivBE) Civilian Observatories All active Orbital Units produce more 20xScienceBE Science. 25 3 Cosmonaut Legacy
Colonization Corps (CivBE) Colonization Corps Colonist Unit's 20xProductionBE Production cost increased, but found Cities immediately. 75 9 Humanitarian
Civil Infrastructure (CivBE) Civil Infrastructure More 20xHealthBE Health from Strategic Resources. 250 25 Developer
Engineering Corps (CivBE) Engineering Corps Worker Units are free to build. 25 3 Ambitious
Philanthropy (CivBE) Philanthropy 20xProductionBE Production costs for City buildings that produce 20xCultureBE Culture reduced. 75 9 Shining Path
National Science Foundation (CivBE) National Science Foundation 20xScienceBE Science cost for Branch technologies reduced. (10%) 150 15 Jeog-ui Naebu
Strategic Reserve (CivBE) Strategic Reserve More 20xEnergyBE Energy from Strategic Resources. 150 15 Generous
First Responders (CivBE) First Responders Cities and Outposts recover more damage each turn. 75 9 Imperial
Liquid Resources (CivBE) Liquid Resources International Trade Routes that yield Strategic Resources yield more. 150 15 Cooperative
Field Recruitment (CivBE) Field Recruitment 20xSpyBE Covert Agents are recruited at a higher rank than normal. (1, 1, 2) 75 9 Corporate Espionage
Orbital Cooperation (CivBE) Orbital Cooperation More Orbital Coverage from Trade Stations. 75 9 Aspirational
Shock and Awe (CivBE) Shock and Awe Units may pillage and attack in the same turn. 150 15 Protective
Medical Corps (CivBE) Medical Corps 20xUnHealthBE Unhealth from conquered Cities reduced. 150 15 Colonial
Private Arms Development (CivBE) Private Arms Development Increased 20xProductionBE Production when building Military Units. 75 9 Efficient
Neopatriotism (CivBE) Neopatriotism Gain more 20xCultureBE Culture when killing a Unit in combat. 75 9 Honorable
Skunkworks (CivBE) Skunkworks 20xScienceBE Science cost for Technologies that unlock units reduced. (10%) 75 9 Precise
Strategic Supply Network (CivBE) Strategic Supply Network 20xEnergyBE Energy maintenance for Military Units reduced. (30%, 40%, 50%) 75 9 Asabiyyah
Citizen Soldiers (CivBE) Citizen Soldiers Hostile Units take more attrition damage per turn inside your territory. 250 25 Defensive
Military Convoys (CivBE) Military Convoys More Combat defense for Trade Units. (+16) 25 3 Profiteering
Wet Teams (CivBE) Wet Teams 20xSpyBE Covert Agents are less likely to die in operations. (10%, 20%, 30%) 150 15 Subtle
Orbital Defense Net (CivBE) Orbital Defense Net City Anti-Orbital Strike Range increased. 25 3 Integrated
Student Aid (CivBE) Student Aid Specialist Citizens consume no 20xFoodBE Food. 75 9 Progressive
Public Health (CivBE) Public Health Cities may Develop 20xProductionBE Production into 20xHealthBE Health. 150 15 Expansionist
Public Transportation (CivBE) Public Transportation Moves (CivBE) Movement speed on roads and magrails increased. 25 3 Industrialist
Think Tanks (CivBE) Think Tanks 20xCultureBE Culture cost for new Virtues reduced. 250 25 Shining Path
Scientific Grant Program (CivBE) Scientific Grant Program 20xScienceBE Science cost for Leaf Technologies reduced. (10%) 150 15 Insightful
Smart Grid (CivBE) Smart Grid Gain 20xEnergyBE Energy per turn based on your 20xEnergyBE Energy reserves capped at 100 20xEnergyBE per-turn. (5%) 250 25 Practical
Reserve Army (CivBE) Reserve Army Units heal fully each turn when fortified in a City. 75 9 Disciplined
Black Markets (CivBE) Black Markets More City defense 20xStrengthBE Strength per occupied Trade Route slot. 25 3 Enterprising
Special Ops (CivBE) Special Ops Covert Operations are faster to complete. 75 9 Corporate Espionage
Reusable Vehicles (CivBE) Reusable Vehicles Each Orbital Unit launched reduces 20xProductionBE Production costs for future Orbital. 25 3 Spacefaring
Officer Training Command (CivBE) Officer Training Command Aquatic Cities have more 20xStrengthBE Combat Strength. 150 15 Indefatigable
Hydroengineering Corps (CivBE) Hydroengineering Corps Increased 20xProductionBE Production for Naval Units. 150 15 Indefatigable
Party Politics (CivBE) Party Politics Increased 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital from your Capital (CivBE) Capital. (3, 5, 10) 25 3 Kategorischer Imperativ
War of Ideas (CivBE) War of Ideas War Score points increased by a percentage. 250 25 Kategorischer Imperativ

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