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Trade routes can be established between Cities, Outposts, and Stations. They allow those on both end of the trading to receive a bonus of food, energy, production, culture, science, or strategic resources. The trade route generates its own bonuses, meaning that the resources are not taken from anywhere. In other words: Both parties benefit.

When establishing a trade route, the user interface lists destinations that are reachable from the current origin city. A trade route must be completely explored (i.e. have no fog of war to cover it) and must not have any Miasma on it (unless you have 2 Harmony points). Aside from those restrictions, there are no limitations on the length of a trade route. In the trade route screen you will see that all potential destinations have little arrows below them listing the resources that the route would generate. The Left arrow (CivBE) left arrow means imports and the Right arrow (CivBE) right arrow means exports. In other words, Left arrow (CivBE) left is what the origin city would receive, while Right arrow (CivBE) right is what the destination city would receive.

Trade routes are vulnerable to attack. If you are at war with someone who might attack them or have hostile aliens appearing along the trade route, you may need to have military units to deal with any problems. The Ultrasonic Fence can protect Trade Routes from all alien attacks when upgraded through a quest.

Stations are like city-states in other Civilization games. There are different materials and bonuses they can provide.

In base Beyond Earth trade routes are established by the Trade Convoy units for land routes, and by Trade Vessel units for sea routes. In Rising Tide, these units are consolidated into single hover trade unit after researching the proper technology.

Trade routes can be improved by constructing the following buildings: 

Polystralia grants two extra trade routes to the capital city.

The number of trade routes available increases with the city's population: 10, 22, 34, 48, 62, 78, 94, 112, etc. (every other additional route adds another 2 population to the increase).

In Rising Tide, there are two diplomatic agreements possible related to trade routes:

  • Tax Haven - 1 to 3 extra Trade Routes, depending on your relationship with the person you are making the deal with.
  • Market Deregulation - Trade Route population threshold reduced


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