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A Trading Post in Civilization V

Game Info[edit | edit source]

Advanced trading improvement. Requires Trapping (Guilds in Gods & Kings and Brave New World).

  • Constructed on:
  • Effect:
    • +1 Gold Gold
    • +1 additional Gold Gold after researching Economics
    • +1 additional Gold Gold with the Commerce Social policy finisher
    • +1 Science Science with Free Thought Social policy

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Trading Posts are excellent improvements to build when you need to bolster your empire's economy. While Farms are generally preferable for Food Growth (leading to Science Science), if it isn't possible to support a larger 20xPopulation5.png Population due to a lack of good tiles or 20xHappiness5.png Happiness, the Farms may not prove useful. Using the tiles to produce Gold Gold instead is a good idea.

If a lot of jungle tiles are in the empire's borders, it's a great idea to build these improvements in the jungles instead of cutting them down. Your Workers won't have to remove the jungles to construct Trading Posts, and the jungle tiles will give you Science Science once you have Universities. With the bonuses from the Commerce finisher and the Free Thought social policy, Trading Posts can be incredibly effective when combined with jungles. Note that while Trading Posts can be built without cutting down jungles, they cannot be built on tiles that contain Bananas.

In the expansion packs, the prerequisite technology for Trading Posts changes from Trapping to Guilds, a Medieval Era tech.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Trading Posts are outposts where hunters and trappers may sell their wares to civilians in exchange for food, weapons, whiskey, gold, and all of the other trappings of society. They can generate a lot of wealth for a society.

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