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Transcendental Math
Transcendental Math (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier 2

Science 770 20xScienceBE
Requires Computing
Leads to None


Buildings enabled Markov Eclipse
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows discovery of the Transcendental Equation and commencement of the Contact Victory. Unlocks the Markov Eclipse Wonder.

"Mathematical proof is the only foundation for ethics that I can respect. Progress in mathematics is progress in morality."

- Daoming Sochua, Scientific Morality Vol. I


Some years ago, colonial mathematicians integrated transcendental numbers (non-algebraic, irrational numbers) and transcendental functions (those that do not satisfy a polynomial equation) into what they termed “transcendental math.” Although the concept was pioneered on Old Earth, after devising this “new” math, these scholars used it to create dimensional analysis whereby non-algebraic operations could be applied to a non-three dimensional equation to give meaningful results. In the process of such transcendental equations, transcendental numbers could be used as non-constant values in an algebraically closed field. While understood fully by only a handful of the most gifted mathematicians on this world, transcendental math led to advances in a number of theoretical realms, not the least the discovery of various pervasive, supra-dimensional messages. Currently using Liouville numbers, efforts at decoding these transcendental functions will no doubt take many more years.

Game InformationEdit

Transcendental Math is a Secondary Tech that can be researched from Computing. It allows you to find Signal Fragments that are essential for a Contact Victory.

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