The following units can be upgraded to Transports:


The Transport is a modern era naval ship, and allows the player to deploy their military units to other land masses. It can carry a generous amount of 4 units per ship, allowing a small fleet of Transports to deploy a large military force around the globe. However, the Transport is very lightly armoured, and will quickly fall to other naval ships, such as Submarines and Destroyers. It is advised to escort them or quickly move units from location to location, stopping enemy units from catching them exposed and defenseless.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The troop transport ship, which in peacetime serves as a cargo or passenger vessel, is the principle means used by modern powers to move large quantities of military equipment and personnel over long distances. Because transports lack offensive weaponry, they require armed vessels as escorts during times of war. A properly escorted transport can move large military forces to a new area quickly to act as reinforcements or as an attacking force.


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