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Tundra is a type of base terrain in Civilization V.

Game Info[]

Base terrain found in the north/south portions of the map.

  • Base yield: 1 Food Food
    • +1 Faith Faith with Dance of the Aurora Religious belief (Tile must not contain a Forest.)


Tundra tiles aren't very good for settling because of their limited base yield. However, most of them are initially covered in Forests, which adds another point of Production Production to the base yield and allows construction of Lumber Mills for improved Production Production. Try to preserve the Forests at all costs and use Trading Posts to make bare Tundra tiles more useful. Placing a Great Person's special improvement on a Tundra tile is another good way to improve its output.

Farms cannot be constructed on Tundra tiles unless they're next to a River or Lake.

When founding a Pantheon in an area dominated by Tundra, consider the value of Dance of the Aurora (+1 Faith Faith from Tundra tiles without Forest) and Goddess of the Hunt (+1 Food Food from Camps) carefully: both can be very powerful, but you can choose only one. The former is ideal if you are pursuing a Faith Faith-based strategy, but the the latter is helpful under a wider variety of circumstances. Tundra areas tend to contain many resources on which Camps can be built, and the bonus Food Food is especially important in such a harsh environment.

Civilopedia entry[]

Tundra is the semi-frozen land found in the world's colder climates. It is less useful than plains or grassland, but slightly better than desert. Nobody builds cities in the tundra unless they're desperate for resources - or they've got nowhere else to go.

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