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Tundra is a type of base terrain in Civilization VI. It is found in great expanses everywhere near the polar regions (far north and south) of the world.


The tundra is the third most widespread terrain in the world (after Plains and Grassland), but with just a +1 Civ6Food Food base yield it is far less useful. You can't build Farms there, not even along rivers (unlike in Civilization V), which severely limits the Citizen6 Population growth of a city, and the lack of native Civ6Production Production further limits its other aspects! So, unless you are playing as Russia, tundra is generally a poor location to initially settle. With Civil Engineering, Canadians can place farms on the tundra, giving them a mild boost. Cities on or near tundra will want any available resources such as Deer (Civ6) Deer to make the most of the environment. Coastal cities close to sea-based resources may also circumvent some of the negatives.

It is, however, noteworthy that there are some particular resources that are found mainly in Tundra, such as Furs (Civ6) Furs and Silver (Civ6) Silver. Also, hard to find Strategic Resources oftentimes pop up in Tundra, or in Coastal waters near Tundra, which may also justify settling there.

Similarly to Desert, a Pantheon Belief (Dance of the Aurora) may turn Tundra into a veritable Civ6Faith Faith factory! Simply build a Holy Site or two in the middle of the tundra, and watch your Civ6Faith Faith yield climb off the charts!

Civilopedia entryEdit

Tundra is the semi-frozen land found in the world's colder climates. Nobody builds cities in the tundra unless they're desperate for resources (tundra tends to overlay extensive mineral and petroleum deposits) ... or they've got nowhere else to go.


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