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Twilight Valor is a Dark Age Policy Card in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is available from the Classical Era to the Renaissance Era and uses a Civ6Icon Wildcard Slot Wildcard slot.

Strategy Edit

If you find yourself fighting for survival at the beginning of a Dark Age, adopt this policy to give your forces an edge. Just remember to switch it out before launching a counteroffensive of your own.

Civilopedia entry Edit

It is said that nothing sharpens the attention and inspires the heroic quite as well as imminent, certain death. The last stand of doomed forces is the subject of countless epic poems, sad songs, and other literary works, from the Rokugo Rebellion, to the Alamo, to Masada. Perhaps the doomed soldiers buy time to save their comrades; perhaps they only have their duty and their brothers-in-arms as comfort. Perhaps, if they are fortunate, they are remembered in the ages that come after.

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