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Twilight of the Mind
''Twilight of the Mind'' is the final novel of [[Michael Ely]]'s [[Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri|Alpha Centauri]] trilogy, following ''[[Centauri Dawn]]'' and ''[[Dragon Sun]]''. It follows the final [[world war]] between the University and the Believers.
Twilight of the Mind is the third and final novel in [[Michael Ely]]'s [[Alpha Centauri]] trilogy. A century after the events of Dragon Sun, civilization is braced for a final reckoning. Science and faith collide as the fanatical Believers of Sister Miriam vie with the technological might of Prokhor Zakharov in a merciless war of destruction. Five beseiged factions join the battle against Miriam's zealots while Zakharov and Miriam spar in the virtual labyrinth of a sprawling technological network. As the planet Chiron prepares itself for a new era, humanity's struggle hurtles toward a shocking conclusion.
It was published on [[28 November]], [[2000]], and has ISBN 0-67-104077-4.

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Twilight of the Mind is the final novel of Michael Ely's Alpha Centauri trilogy, following Centauri Dawn and Dragon Sun. It follows the final world war between the University and the Believers.

It was published on 28 November, 2000, and has ISBN 0-67-104077-4.


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