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The logo represents the 6 main stats of the game inside the hex-grids that represent the map of gameplay. In the center, the icon of the City Center. Latest version of the logo, assembled by @letstalkaboutdune. (Source)

Unciv, also written as UnCiv, is a free, open-source 2D recreation of Civilization V for the Android operating system, but also available for desktop and cross-platform play.

As of December 2023, version 4.9.15 the game is in active development and can be completed; the science victory, cultural victory, domination victory, diplomatic victory, and time victory are all the current possible methods of victory. It has most of the features present in the Gods & Kings expansion, except for espionage. As a result, the game is still missing some civilizations, units, and buildings which are unique to the Brave New World expansion. The graphics resemble the strategic view found in Civilization V, but in a pixel art style; the appearances of the tiles and units can be changed, and players can create or download tileset mods.

Although unfinished, the game enjoys a vast system for mod support, allowing for great flexibility for the coders. Unciv mods are easy to make and simple for players to use.

Unciv also has a multiplayer function, which is somewhat robust, where the players have to connect to a server and wait for each other to finish their turn. As of June 2023, multiplayer doesn't have a turn timer, but the community has made a Discord bot to notify each player of their turn instantly.

Unciv is in constant development using the Kotlin language and usually receives 1-2 updates per week; most are bug fixes, but new features are also added bit by bit. Yairm210, the creator of the game, has done most of the development, with major contributions by SomeTroglodyte, Itnasi, Reversi, xlenstra, Simon Ceder, Azzurite, Generald Wadalling, letstalkaboutdune, PLynx01, SeventhM, tuvus, and many others.[1]



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