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In Civilization VI, a unique building is a special building that is only available to a specific civilization or leader. Similar to unique districts, unique buildings will revert to their normal counterparts if their parent city changes ownership.

Below is a list of unique buildings which currently appear in the game:

Building Unique to District Replaces
Basilikoi Paides Basilikoi Paides Macedonian Macedonian Encampment Barracks
Palgum Palgum Babylonian Babylonian City Center Water Mill
Marae Marae GS-Only Māori Māori Theater Square Amphitheater
Ordu Ordu R&F-Only Mongolian Mongolian Encampment Stable
Tlachtli Tlachtli Aztec Aztec Entertainment Complex Arena
Sukiennice Sukiennice Polish Polish Commercial Hub Market
Prasat Prasat Khmer Khmer Holy Site Temple
Stave Church Stave Church Norwegian Norwegian Holy Site Temple
Madrasa Madrasa Arabian Arabian Campus University
Navigation School Navigation School Portuguese Portuguese Campus University
Queen's Bibliotheque Queen's Bibliotheque GS-Only Kristina Kristina Government Plaza -
Grand Bazaar Grand Bazaar GS-Only Ottoman Ottoman Commercial Hub Bank
Tsikhe Tsikhe R&F-Only Georgian Georgian City Center Renaissance Walls
Electronics Factory Electronics Factory Japanese Japanese Industrial Zone Factory
Thermal Bath Thermal Bath GS-Only Hungarian Hungarian Entertainment Complex Zoo
Film Studio Film Studio American American Theater Square Broadcast Center
Alchemical Society Alchemical Society[1] Hermetic Order Hermetic Order Campus University
Gilded Vault Gilded Vault[1] Owls of Minerva Owls of Minerva Commercial Hub Bank
Old God Obelisk Old God Obelisk[1] Voidsingers Voidsingers City Center Monument

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

Civilization VI [edit]
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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.