Every civilization in Civilization IV has its own unique unit. A unique unit, or UU for short, is a unit that can only be built by that civilization. It always replaces some other unit, not allowing that one to be built at all.

Civilization Unique unit Replaces Difference
American Navy SEAL Marine
Arabian Camel Archer Knight
Aztec Jaguar Swordsman
  • -1 Strength
  • Doesn't need iron to build
  • -5 Production cost (on normal speed games)
  • +Woodsman I promotion
Babylonian Bowman Archer
Byzantine Cataphract Knight
Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry Horse Archer
  • -1 Strength
  • +50% vs Melee units
  • +Flanking I promotion
Celtic Gallic Warrior Swordsman
Chinese Cho-Ko-Nu Crossbowman
Egyptian War Chariot Chariot
  • +1 Strength
  • +Immunity to first strikes
English Redcoat Rifleman
Ethiopian Oromo Warrior Musketman
French Musketeer Musketman
  • +1 Movement speed
German Panzer Tank
  • +50% vs Armoured units
Greek Phalanx Spearman in Vanilla and Warlords

Axeman in Beyond the Sword

In Vanilla and Warlords:
  • +1 Strength
  • +25% Hill defence

In Beyond the Sword:

Holy Roman Empire Landsknecht Pikeman
  • +100% vs Melee units
Incan Quechua Warrior
Indian Fast Worker Worker
  • +1 movement speed
Japanese Samurai Maceman
Khmer Ballista Elephant War Elephant
  • Targets mounted units in a stack before other units (outside cities)
Korean Hwacha Catapult
  • +50% vs Melee units
Malian Skirmisher Archer
Mayan Holkan Spearman
Mongolian Keshik Horse Archer
Native American Dog Soldier Axeman
  • -1 Strength
  • 100% bonus vs Melee units instead of 50%
  • Can be built without iron or copper
Dutch East Indiaman Galleon
  • +1 Cargo space
  • +2 Strength
  • Can explore rival territory
Ottoman Janissary Musketman
  • +25% vs Melee units
  • +25% vs Archery units
  • +25% vs Mounted units
Persian Immortal Chariot
  • Receives defensive bonuses
  • +50% vs Archery units
Portuguese Carrack Caravel
  • Can transport any land unit
  • +1 Cargo space
Roman Praetorian Swordsman
  • +2 Strength
  • +5 Production cost (on normal speed games)
Russian Cossack Cavalry
  • +50% vs Mounted units
Spanish Conquistador Knight in Vanilla and Warlords

Cuirassier in Beyond the Sword

  • +50% against Melee units
  • Receives Defensive bonuses
Sumerian Vulture Axeman
  • +1 Strength
  • 25% bonus vs Melee units, rather than 50%
Viking Berserker Maceman
Zulu Impi Spearman
  • +1 movement speed
  • Starts with the Mobility promotion
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