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In Civilization VI, a unique unit is a special unit that is only available to a specific civilization. Some leaders also have unique abilities that give them access to unique units once they discover the appropriate technology or civic. Unique units do not require resources (prior to Gathering Storm) and have special attributes that make them superior to standard units.

Note that, unlike in Civilization V, unique units do not always replace standard units. When they do not, they are usually available at different technological levels than the respective standard unit, are typically stronger, and upgrade to a much later unit. Thus, they fill a niche for each player that no other civilization/leader can fill at the time, giving that player a distinct advantage over his or her rivals. Note also that unique units may belong to different eras than those they replace, which is important when considering era-specific Policies or the effect of Great Generals and Admirals.

Below is a list of unique units which currently appear in the game, sorted by era.

Ancient Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Bireme Bireme GS-Only.png Phoenician Phoenician Naval Melee Galley
Eagle Warrior Eagle Warrior Aztec Aztec Melee Warrior
Gaesatae Gaesatae Gallic Gallic Melee Warrior
Hoplite Hoplite Greek Greek Anti-Cavalry Spearman
Hul'che Hul'che Mayan Mayan Ranged Archer
Maryannu Chariot Archer Maryannu Chariot Archer Egyptian Egyptian Ranged

Ranged Cavalry R&F-Only.png

Heavy Chariot (pre-GS-Only.png)

Nothing GS-Only.png

Okihtcitaw Okihtcitaw R&F-Only.png Cree Cree Recon Scout
Pítati Archer Pítati Archer Nubian Nubian Ranged Archer
Viking Longship Viking Longship Harald Hardrada Harald Hardrada Naval Melee Galley
War-Cart War-Cart Sumerian Sumerian Heavy Cavalry Nothing

Classical Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Dromon Dromon Byzantine Byzantine Naval Ranged Quadrireme
Hetairoi Hetairoi Alexander Alexander Heavy Cavalry Horseman
Hypaspist Hypaspist Macedonian Macedonian Melee Swordsman
Immortal Immortal Persian Persian Melee Swordsman
Legion Legion Roman Roman Melee Swordsman
Ngao Mbeba Ngao Mbeba Kongolese Kongolese Melee Swordsman
Saka Horse Archer Saka Horse Archer Scythian Scythian Ranged

Ranged Cavalry R&F-Only.png

Toa Toa GS-Only.png Māori Māori Melee Swordsman
Varu Varu Indian Indian Heavy Cavalry Nothing

Medieval Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Barbary Corsair Barbary Corsair GS-Only.png Ottoman Ottoman Naval Raider Privateer
Berserker Berserker Norwegian Norwegian Melee Nothing
Black Army Black Army GS-Only.png Matthias Corvinus Matthias Corvinus Light Cavalry Courser
Crouching Tiger Crouching Tiger Chinese Chinese Ranged Nothing
Domrey Domrey Khmer Khmer Siege Nothing
Impi Impi R&F-Only.png Zulu Zulu Anti-Cavalry Pikeman
Jong Jong Indonesian Indonesian Naval Ranged Frigate
Keshig Keshig R&F-Only.png Mongolian Mongolian Ranged Cavalry Nothing
Khevsur Khevsur R&F-Only.png Georgian Georgian Melee Nothing
Mamluk Mamluk Arabian Arabian Heavy Cavalry Knight
Mandekalu Cavalry Mandekalu Cavalry GS-Only.png Malian Malian Heavy Cavalry Knight
Oromo Cavalry Oromo Cavalry Ethiopian Ethiopian Light Cavalry Nothing (pre-GS-Only.png)

Courser GS-Only.png

Samurai Samurai Japanese Japanese Melee Nothing
Tagma Tagma Basil II Basil II Heavy Cavalry Knight
Warak'aq Warak'aq GS-Only.png Incan Incan Recon Skirmisher
Winged Hussar Winged Hussar Polish Polish Heavy Cavalry Nothing

Renaissance Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Carolean Carolean GS-Only.png Swedish Swedish Anti-Cavalry Pike and Shot R&F-Only.png
Conquistador Conquistador Spanish Spanish Melee Musketman
De Zeven Provinciën De Zeven Provinciën R&F-Only.png Dutch Dutch Naval Ranged Frigate
Hwacha Hwacha R&F-Only.png Korean Korean Ranged Field Cannon
Janissary Janissary GS-Only.png Suleiman Suleiman Melee Musketman
Malón Raider Malón Raider R&F-Only.png Mapuche Mapuche Light Cavalry Nothing
Sea Dog Sea Dog English English Naval Raider Privateer

Industrial Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Cossack Cossack Russian Russian Light Cavalry Cavalry
Garde Imperiale Garde Imperiale French French Melee Nothing
Highlander Highlander R&F-Only.png Scottish Scottish Recon Ranger
Huszár Huszár GS-Only.png Hungarian Hungarian Light Cavalry Cavalry
Llanero Llanero Gran Colombian Gran Colombian Light Cavalry Cavalry
Minas Geraes Minas Geraes Brazilian Brazilian Naval Ranged Battleship
Redcoat Redcoat Victoria Victoria Melee Nothing
Rough Rider Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt Heavy Cavalry Nothing

Modern Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
Digger Digger Australian Australian Melee Infantry
Mountie Mountie GS-Only.png Canadian Canadian Light Cavalry Nothing
U-Boat U-Boat German German Naval Raider Submarine

Atomic Era[edit | edit source]

Unit Unique to Type Replaces
P-51 Mustang P-51 Mustang American American Air Fighter Fighter

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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