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The University is an advanced scientific building of the Medieval Era in Civilization VI. It is built in the Campus district and requires a Library (or one of its replacements).


The University is a mid-level building that boosts a city's Civ6Science Science output.

The Great Scientist Isaac Newton can be used to instantly build a Library and a University in a Campus and to give an extra +2 Civ6Science Science to all Universities, and the Great Scientist Albert Einstein can be used to give an extra +4 Civ6Science Science to all Universities.

Building two Universities triggers the Eureka6 Eureka moment for Printing, and building one next to a Mountain triggers the Eureka6 Eureka moment for Astronomy.

In Rise and Fall, each scientific city-state with 6 or more Envoy6 Envoys gives an additional +2 Civ6Science Science in each University.

Civilopedia entry Edit

An institution of “higher” learning since the first c. 1100 AD, the modern university has its roots in the Catholic cathedral and monastic schools dating back to the 6th Century. With the exception of the University of Paris (founded c. 1150), most of the early universities were begun by the kings and queens of the land – at Bologna (1088), Oxford (1167), Modena (1175), Cambridge (1209) Padua (1222), Krakow (1364) and many others – as an alternative (and curb to) the Catholic schools. In contrast (and defiance) to the Catholic Church, these “public” universities espoused “academic freedom”; the first such was the Constitutio Habita in 1155 of the University of Bologna, which granted rights and protections to the scholars studying there as guaranteed by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The universities offered studies in law, medicine, logic, philosophy, certain sciences, and the classics then; now young scholars can get “degrees” in basket-weaving, sports management, music therapy and the like.

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