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The University is a building in Civilization Revolution.


Building a University will quadruple the effect of focusing your city Trade on Science production, making Universities the quickest way to win a Technology Victory. The construction of a University in your city will replace that city's Library.

Civilopedia entry[]

Universities are institutions of higher learning, where students in their late teens to early twenties go to further their educations. Throughout history many cultures have placed a high value on education. The National Confucian Academy was founded in Korea in 330 AD. Plato's Academy was a Greek university that existed for some nine centuries and trained some of the greatest minds in history, including Socrates and Aristotle.


  • The universities of the United States and England are considered among the finest in the world. Oxford University alone was attended by both the current king of Jordan and former American President Bill Clinton.
  • The Academy at Athens is one of the most famous institutes of learning in the Western world. At its peak, the academy was home to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The Academy survived until 529 AD, when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, an ardent Christian, ordered it closed for supposed heathen practices.