Leader Academician Prokhor Zakharov
Prohkor Zakharvo (SMAC)
Commander of the University
University of Planet (SMAC)
Name Prokhor Zakharov
Rank Commander
Position Chief Science Officer
Country of Origin Russia
DOB 09-16-1994
Height 178.0 cm
Weight 76.3 kg
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The faction is a technocracy led by Prokhor Zakharov, often referred to by the titles of Academician or Provost.

Faction characteristicsEdit

  • +2 Research (Brillant research)
  • -2 Probe (Academic networks vulnerable to infiltration)
  • One bonus tech at start of game
  • Extra drone for every four citizen (lack of ethics)
  • Aggression Erratic
  • Priorities Research
  • Starting Tech Information Networks
  • Agendas Knowledge
  • Aversion Fundamentalist
  • Special bonuses Free Network node at each base.

Leader's defining quoteEdit

"The substructure of the universe regresses infinitely towards smaller and smaller components. Behind atoms we find electrons, and behind electrons quarks. Each layer unraveled reveals new secrets, but also new mysteries."

-- Prokhor Zakharov, "For I Have Tasted The Fruit"


  • Non-Linear Genetics
  • For I Have Tasted The Fruit
  • See How They Run
  • Now We Are Alone


  • Dr. Fedorov, science advisor
  • Nataliya, native-lifeform specialist talent. If the first native-lifeform combat unit created by the University dies, Zakharov will create a monument known as Nataliya Lab.

List of Bases Edit

Land Edit

  1. University Base
  2. Academy Park
  3. Lab Three
  4. Library of Planet
  5. Planetary Archives
  6. Razvitia-Progress Base
  7. Cosmograd
  8. Budushii Dvor
  9. Tsiolkovsky Institute
  10. Mendelev College
  11. Nauk Science Center
  12. Zarya-Sunrise
  13. Nadezjda-Hope
  14. Academgorodok
  15. Koppernigk Observatory
  16. Svobodny-Free Base
  17. Zvedny Gorodok
  18. Baikonur
  19. Climactic Research
  20. Monitoring Station
  21. Buran Prospect
  22. Mir Lab
  23. Relativity School
  24. Pavlov Biolab
  25. Lomonosov Park
  26. Korolev Center
  27. Gagarin Memorial
  28. New Arzamas
  29. Otkrietia-Discovery
  30. Zoloto-Gold
  31. Edinstvo-Unity
  32. Large Hadron Collider
  33. Climatic Research Center
  34. Biome Project X
  35. Mendel Institute
  36. The Scientific Method
  37. The Singularity
  38. Transhumanism
  39. Experimental Protocol
  40. Double-blind
  41. Peer Review
  42. Biotic Survey
  43. Unified Field
  44. Relativity Base
  45. Zero Point
  46. Fountain of Knowlege
  47. Quantum Foam
  48. Stream of Consciousness
  49. Serendipity
  50. Helix
  51. Aurora
  52. Darwin
  53. Genius
  54. Schrodinger’s Dome
  55. Gagarin’s Reach
  56. Home of Hawkins
  57. Curiosity
  58. Hypothesis
  59. Taste of The Fruit
  60. The Caves of Steel

Water Edit

  1. The Marine Institute
  2. Marine Biology Lab
  3. Oceanographic Lab
  4. Hydrothermal Institute
  5. Deep Sea Lab
  6. Strands of Life
  7. Tidal Research Base
  8. Reef Research Center
  9. The Soumarine Institute
  10. Gravity’s Pull


  • The leader of the University of Planet is voiced by Yuri Nesteroff.
  • The base name "The Caves of Steel" is likely a reference to the Isaac Asimov novel by the same name.
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