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"Scholars are the heirs of the prophets, for the prophets did not leave behind a legacy of wealth but that of knowledge."
–Musnad al-Bazzar 10/68
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The University of Sankore is a Medieval Era Wonder in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It must be built on a Desert or Desert Hills tile next to a Campus with a University.

  • Effects:
    • +3 Civ6Science Science
    • +1 Civ6Faith Faith
    • +2 Scientist6 Great Scientist points per turn
    • Other Civilizations' TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to this city provide +1 Civ6Science Science and +1 Civ6Gold Gold for them
    • +2 Civ6Science Science for every TradeRoute6 Trade Route to this city
    • Domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes give an additional +1 Civ6Faith Faith to this city


The main benefit of building the University of Sankore is +2 Civ6Science Science for every TradeRoute6 Trade Route sent to the city with this Wonder. Although players may be worried that other civilizations receive extra Civ6Gold Gold and Civ6Science Science when doing so, that bonus provides crucial incentives for other players to send TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to this city; otherwise opponents, especially human opponents, will just ignore it considering they know how much it benefits you in the long run. Furthermore, despite granting bonuses for both ends of the TradeRoute6 Trade Route, the bonus is lopsided, benefiting the receiver more, so don't mistakenly believe this Wonder helps your enemies and hesitate to build it when you can.

Of course, the most reliable way to fully exploit this bonus is to send domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes. It is further enhanced by the Civ6Faith Faith bonus to domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes. Since the weakness of domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes is that they do not grant much Civ6Gold Gold, sending too many domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes can limit your economic growth. Therefore, this Wonder most benefits civilizations and leaders that can either reliably generate Civ6Gold Gold independent from TradeRoute6 Trade Routes or have Civ6Gold Gold or other bonuses to domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes significant enough to justify lower Civ6Gold Gold income, including Persia, Poland, Poundmaker, Mali and Mansa Musa, and Pachacuti. You should also consider combining this Wonder with Policy Cards that grant Civ6Gold Gold, like Caravansaries or Triangular Trade, to offset this weakness of running too many domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes. Seeking the Great Merchant Raja Todar Mal will also enhance domestic trade routes, especially if the city with the University of Sankore has multiple District (Civ6) Districts.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Located within and around the pyramidal Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu, Sankore Madrasah was an ancient higher learning center that became especially prominent during the reign of Mansa Musa.

The university operated differently than most modern universities today – instead of a central administration, the school was made up of independent schools with their own professors, and classes would take place outside in the courtyards or private homes. Though this may seem a bit more casual than what modern students experience, the University of Sankore was a renowned Islamic learning center. Curricula included Qur'anic studies of course, but also secular studies such as medicine, geography, physics, history, and art. The university offered four tiered degrees followed by graduation ceremonies during which students wore traditional turbans to represent their great accomplishments.

In the 1590s, the Moroccan invasion of Mali pushed many scholars to leave – some were deported, while others fled – and much of the work of the university was destroyed.

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