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Sid Meier's Starships is connected to Civilization: Beyond Earth through a my2k account. Players need to log into both games to obtain the rewards. Players can earn unlockables in each game by playing both of them.

Players can also "continue" Beyond Earth games in Starships. Continuing a game will transfer over the number of players, affinities of each player, faction leaders, and diplomatic relations. Players can still customize the map size and victory conditions.

Beyond Earth unlockables from playing Starships[]

Picture of unlockables compiled by Civfanatics user Ryika

New Maps[]

See also Planet (CivBE)
Map Unlocked by

Tiny Islands (CivBE).png

Tiny Islands Winning a Population victory

Inland Sea (CivBE).png

Inland Sea Winning a Domination victory

New Colonists[]

See also Colonists (CivBE)
Colonists Bonus Unlocked by

Pioneers (CivBE).png

Pioneers Build colonists and explorers twice as fast Completing the "Fleet Escape" mission

Mercenaries (CivBE).png

Mercenaries All cities have +25 HP and all units have +10% Strength Strength and Ranged Strength Ranged Strength in friendly territory Completing the "Dark Star" mission. (To be confirmed; some reported the unlock via "The Limerick Experiment" mission)

New Spacecraft[]

See also Spacecraft (CivBE)
Spacecraft Bonus Unlocked by

Supply Module (CivBE).png

Supply Module Begin with 2 resource pods near the player's first city Completing the "Den of Thieves!" mission (Pirate homeworld)

Electromagnetic Sensor (CivBE).png

Electromagnetic Sensor Reveal Artifacts on map Completing the "Final Justice!" mission (Marauder homeworld)

New Cargo[]

See also Cargo (CivBE)
Cargo Bonus Unlocked by

Cryotome (CivBE).png

Cryotome Begin with a free virtue Completing the "Fragile" mission

Xeno Management (CivBE).png

Xeno Management Begin with an Ultrasonic Emitter unit (does 10 damage to all adjacent aliens) Completing the "Death Craft Alpha" mission

Starships unlockables from Beyond Earth[]

New Planets[]

Planet Type Bonus Unlocked By
Nirvana +5% crew morale Unlocked Winning a Transcendence (Harmony) victory
Xanadu +10% science Winning a Promised Land (Purity) victory
Earth +10% metal Winning an Emancipation (Supremacy) victory
Observatory Open communications with all AI leaders Winning a Contact victory

Hybrid Affinities[]

Unlocking a Hybrid affinity will allow players to use both affinity benefits (first one is primary affinity)

Hybrid Affinity Unlocked By
Harmony-Supremacy Supremacy/Harmony Reaching level 7 Supremacy Supremacy and level 4 Harmony Harmony
Purity-Supremacy Supremacy/Purity Reaching level 7 Supremacy Supremacy and level 4 Purity Purity
Harmony-Supremacy Purity/Harmony Reaching level 7 Purity Purity and level 4 Harmony Harmony
Purity-Supremacy Purity/Supremacy Reaching level 7 Purity Purity and level 4 Supremacy Supremacy
Harmony-Supremacy Harmony/Supremacy Reaching level 7 Harmony Harmony and level 4 Supremacy Supremacy
Harmony-Supremacy Harmony/Purity Reaching level 7 Harmony Harmony and level 4 Purity Purity

New Missions[]

Mission Description Unlocked By
New Jerusalem Protect the religious refugees Completing the "Found an Outpost" quest
Assembly Required Protect the cargo transports Completing the "Gifts from Home" quest
The Arena Battle without shields Completing the "Hostile Takeover" quest


The original version of this page has been directly copied from the steam thread from a steam user named thecrazyscotsman. Edits may changed some of the content of the original page. It would also seem that a similar page was made by someone with the same username on Civfanatics

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