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I can't view the mobile version of the site in my sandbox and I can't view old revisions with mobile versions of the site. You need to revert, then use the chrome inspector to view the bug.


There is a strange indent problem with the mobile version of the site. (See link above) On the regular site, the page is fine. I checked she source code, and I believe the unordered lists and list item tags are correct. But on the mobile site, any time I used the template Template:PageIcon6, unordered lists tags are not displaying correctly. This is true on firefox and on chrome.

The problem was fixed when I switched Template:PageIcon6 with Template:SurePageIcon6. Both SurePageIcon6 and PageIcon6 are used to supposed to take a string, and to display a png file with the same name. There are two major differences between the two templates:

  • A Linebreak function that I believe was added after the error was added, I do not believe is part of the problem.
  • The Template:Icon6 template was found in PageIcon6 while SurePageIcon6 was just gets the image file directly. Icon6 has a isexist parser function in it that shows no image if the file doesn't exist on the site, and blank if it does.

I know this is a little way too abstract, even for someone who found a fix for the bug. But I figured i would document it, and maybe fandom can take a look.

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