Type Unit Notes
Civilian Settler (Civ6) Settler
Builder (Civ6) Builder
Trader (Civ6) Trader
Archaeologist (Civ6) Archaeologist
Spy (Civ6) Spy
Naturalist (Civ6) Naturalist
Rock Band (Civ6) Rock Band GS-Only
Great Person Great General (Civ6) Great General
Great Admiral (Civ6) Great Admiral
Great Engineer (Civ6) Great Engineer
Great Merchant (Civ6) Great Merchant
Great Prophet (Civ6) Great Prophet
Great Scientist (Civ6) Great Scientist
Great Writer (Civ6) Great Writer
Great Artist (Civ6) Great Artist
Great Musician (Civ6) Great Musician
Comandante General (Civ6) Comandante General (Simón Bolívar only)
Recon Scout (Civ6) Scout Ancient
Okihtcitaw (Civ6) Okihtcitaw R&F-Only (Cree only) Ancient
Skirmisher (Civ6) Skirmisher GS-Only
Warak'aq (Civ6) Warak'aq GS-Only (Inca only)
Ranger (Civ6) Ranger
Highlander (Civ6) Highlander R&F-Only (Scotland only)
Spec Ops (Civ6) Spec Ops R&F-Only
Melee Warrior (Civ6) Warrior Ancient
Eagle Warrior (Civ6) Eagle Warrior (Aztec only) Ancient
Swordsman (Civ6) Swordsman
Hypaspist (Civ6) Hypaspist (Macedon only)
Immortal (Civ6) Immortal (Persia only)
Legion (Civ6) Legion (Rome only)
Ngao Mbeba (Civ6) Ngao Mbeba (Kongo only)
Toa (Civ6) Toa GS-Only (Māori only)
Berserker (Civ6) Berserker (Norway only) (doesn't replace)
Khevsur (Civ6) Khevsur R&F-Only (Georgia only) (doesn't replace)
Samurai (Civ6) Samurai (Japan only) (doesn't replace)
Musketman (Civ6) Musketman
Conquistador (Civ6) Conquistador (Spain only)
Janissary (Civ6) Janissary GS-Only (Suleiman only)
Garde Impériale (Civ6) Garde Imperiale (France only) (doesn't replace)
Redcoat (Civ6) Redcoat (Victoria only) (doesn't replace)
Infantry (Civ6) Infantry
Digger (Civ6) Digger (Australia only)
Mechanized Infantry (Civ6) Mechanized Infantry
Nihang (Civ6) Nihang (Lahore city-state)[1]
Ranged Slinger (Civ6) Slinger Ancient
Archer (Civ6) Archer Ancient
Hul'che (Civ6) Hul'che (Maya only) Ancient
Pítati Archer (Civ6) Pítati Archer (Nubia only) Ancient
Saka Horse Archer (Civ6) Saka Horse Archer[2] (Scythia only) (doesn't replace)
Crossbowman (Civ6) Crossbowman
Crouching Tiger (Civ6) Crouching Tiger (China only) (doesn't replace)
Field Cannon (Civ6) Field Cannon
Hwacha (Civ6) Hwacha R&F-Only (Korea only)
Machine Gun (Civ6) Machine Gun
Anti-Cavalry Spearman (Civ6) Spearman Ancient
Hoplite (Civ6) Hoplite (Greece only) Ancient
Pikeman (Civ6) Pikeman
Impi (Civ6) Impi R&F-Only (Zulu only)
Pike and Shot (Civ6) Pike and Shot R&F-Only
Carolean (Civ6) Carolean GS-Only (Sweden only)
AT Crew (Civ6) AT Crew
Modern AT (Civ6) Modern AT
Light Cavalry Horseman (Civ6) Horseman
Courser (Civ6) Courser GS-Only
Black Army (Civ6) Black Army GS-Only (Matthias Corvinus only)
Oromo Cavalry (Civ6) Oromo Cavalry (Ethiopia only)
Cavalry (Civ6) Cavalry
Cossack (Civ6) Cossack (Russia only)
Huszár (Civ6) Huszár GS-Only (Hungary only)
Llanero (Civ6) Llanero (Gran Colombia only)
Malón Raider (Civ6) Malón Raider R&F-Only (Mapuche only) (doesn't replace)
Mountie (Civ6) Mountie GS-Only (Canada only) (doesn't replace)
Helicopter (Civ6) Helicopter
Heavy Cavalry War-Cart (Civ6) War-Cart (Sumeria only) (doesn't replace) Ancient
Heavy Chariot (Civ6) Heavy Chariot Ancient
Maryannu Chariot Archer (Civ6) Maryannu Chariot Archer[2] (Egypt only) (doesn't replace in GS-Only) Ancient
Winged Hussar (Civ6) Winged Hussar (Poland only) (doesn't replace)
Knight (Civ6) Knight
Mandekalu Cavalry (Civ6) Mandekalu Cavalry GS-Only (Mali only)
Mamluk (Civ6) Mamluk (Arabia only)
Rough Rider (Civ6) Rough Rider (Teddy Roosevelt only) (doesn't replace)
Cuirassier (Civ6) Cuirassier GS-Only
Tank (Civ6) Tank
Modern Armor (Civ6) Modern Armor
Ranged Cavalry Keshig (Civ6) Keshig R&F-Only (Mongolia only) (doesn't replace)
Giant Death Robot Giant Death Robot (Civ6) Giant Death Robot GS-Only
Siege Catapult (Civ6) Catapult
Domrey (Civ6) Domrey (Khmer only) (doesn't replace)
Bombard (Civ6) Bombard
Artillery (Civ6) Artillery
Rocket Artillery (Civ6) Rocket Artillery
Naval Melee Galley (Civ6) Galley Ancient
Bireme (Civ6) Bireme GS-Only (Phoenicia only) Ancient
Viking Longship (Civ6) Viking Longship (Harald Hardrada only) Ancient
Caravel (Civ6) Caravel
Ironclad (Civ6) Ironclad
Destroyer (Civ6) Destroyer
Naval Ranged Quadrireme (Civ6) Quadrireme
Frigate (Civ6) Frigate
De Zeven Provinciën (Civ6) De Zeven Provinciën R&F-Only (Netherlands only)
Jong (Civ6) Jong (Indonesia only)
Battleship (Civ6) Battleship
Minas Geraes (Civ6) Minas Geraes (Brazil only)
Missile Cruiser (Civ6) Missile Cruiser
Naval Melee Privateer (Civ6) Privateer
Barbary Corsair (Civ6) Barbary Corsair GS-Only (Ottomans only)
Sea Dog (Civ6) Sea Dog (England only)
Submarine (Civ6) Submarine
U-Boat (Civ6) U-Boat (Germany only)
Nuclear Submarine (Civ6) Nuclear Submarine
Naval Carrier Aircraft Carrier (Civ6) Aircraft Carrier
Air Fighter Biplane (Civ6) Biplane
Fighter (Civ6) Fighter
P-51 Mustang (Civ6) P-51 Mustang (America only)
Jet Fighter (Civ6) Jet Fighter
Air Bomber Bomber (Civ6) Bomber
Jet Bomber (Civ6) Jet Bomber
Support Battering Ram (Civ6) Battering Ram
Siege Tower (Civ6) Siege Tower
Military Engineer (Civ6) Military Engineer
Medic (Civ6) Medic
Supply Convoy (Civ6) Supply Convoy R&F-Only
Observation Balloon (Civ6) Observation Balloon
Drone (Civ6) Drone R&F-Only
Anti-Air Gun (Civ6) Anti-Air Gun
Mobile SAM (Civ6) Mobile SAM

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