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Task list[]


  • Add new icons
    • Beliefs icons
    • Gossip icons
    • Notification icons
    • Promotion icons (?)
  • Rename civ6 icons to use formatting convention.
    • Unify naming for multi leaders and alt colors for civs icons
  • Update icon templates for Civ5 and Civ4


  • Add more images
  • Add historic moments images (unique buildings, unique units, unique improvements and general)


Navigation Templates[]

  • Create new navigational templates, for example for policy cards, scenarios, promotions
  • Civ5 - add missing nav templates

Infobox Templates[]

  • add "removed in" parameter (city-states, policy cards etc.)
  • add "replaced by" parameter (unit, improvement, district, building)
  • expand pantheon template to "belief" template (currently religious belief template is unused)
  • merge great person and great person type (?)
  • finish unit promotion infobox template (add promotion icons?)
  • create infobox template for governor titles
  • add min and max era to policy card template
  • add supersession of policy cards to template
  • add era parameter to the caption of policy cards to template
  • add projects unlocked to districts infobox template
  • use Req6 template in effects sections of infobox templates (like in Resource infobox)
  • add icons of unique abilities (pirates scenario, red death scenario)
  • Add tabs to infoboxes (like in Civ5)

Infoicons templates[]

  • Add non breaking space between icon and link (add Nowrap templates) (it breaks incorporating s into the link)
  • Add size parameter (like in some civ4 icon templates)
  • Convert icon templates for Civ5


  • Cleanup Civ6 categories.
    • Cleanup main civ6, RF, GS categories.
  • Cleanup general template categories.
  • Categorize uncategorized pages, templates etc.

New pages[]

  • Add new list pages (from some tables in civ6 sqlite database):
    • unit operations
    • unit abilities/modifiers (watch for already created pages for unit promotions)
    • great person points
    • building yield changes
    • district yield changes
    • modifiers
    • great works

Missing data on pages[]

  • great persons - action requirements
  • add scenario-specific data to lists (for example policy cards, civics, techs)
  • great people on era pages
  • gossip types -
  • add similar policy cards (same effect, but different yield)

Cleanup, maintenance[]

  • Unify Vanilla, R&F, pre-GS tags.
    • Add more tags for DLCs and modes and scenarios
  • Check all updates from R&F and GS to existing tables.
  • Separate concepts pages from list pages + update civ6 template
    • Add scenario and mode specific things to list pages (civilizations, leaders, civics, techs, policy cards)
  • Rename scenario pages/categories
  • Replace <sup> with <ref> (might be problematic -> only one reference list per page (?))
  • Remove duplicate files and use redirects
  • Cleanup icons and images categories.
  • Unify table layouts (article-table vs wikitable)
  • Unify unique civ (text in brackets or icon?)
  • Clean up unused JS and verbatim tags
  • Clean up overview/disambig pages. Add missing categories.

Blog ideas[]

  • Extracting images and icons (civilopedia mod, gimp)
  • Extracting audio files (audio banks, wem conversion, compression)
  • steamdb (civ6 depots, packages, manifests, changelogs)
    • steam depot downloader
  • using bot account
    • auto wiki browser
    • dotnetwikibot.dll (with sample project)
    • pywikibot
  • module data (convert civ6 sqlite db to lua arrays)
  • game rulesets