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Debug pagesEdit

My favorite pagesEdit






Task listEdit


Add missing civ6 icons

  • Beliefs icons
  • Disaster icons
  • Scenario civ & leaders icons
  • Gossip icons
  • Notification icons
  • Great work icons


  • Add more images


Navigation TemplatesEdit

  • Create new navigational templates, for example for Disasters, Units, Civics, City-states, Terrain, Civs, Leaders, Buildings, DLCs
  • Add scenario-specific things to nav templates, for example technologies

Infobox TemplatesEdit

  • Add more examples to docs.
  • Add automatically added categories to docs.
  • Allow more than 1 scenario (not needed now)
  • Allow more than 1 mode (not needed now)
  • Add missing infoboxes to scenario pages (civs, leaders)
  • Unify layout of terrains. Use comma separated parameters. Create a template which will convert a list to a group in portable infobox template.
  • merge great person and great person type (?)
  • Merge /Base templates with the main pages (?)
  • finish promotion infobox template (add promotion icons?)
  • expand pantheon template to "belief" template
  • create infobox template for governor titles
  • add min and max era to policy card template
  • add supersession of policy cards to template
  • add missing infobox icons (scenario techs/civics)
  • Fix technologies and civics costs. Fix template that assigns to era (fix thresholds)
  • Add tabs to infoboxes (like in Civ5)
  • Move see-wp out of infobox templates.


  • Cleanup Civ6 categories.
    • Cleanup civ6 images/icons categories ()

New pagesEdit

  • Create separate page for great works of art, artifacts and relics with images.
  • Lenses (there is civilopedia for this?)
  • Create separate page for every belief (just like Gift of the Nile scenario). Add other beliefs to religion nav template.
  • Game score, ranking, hall of fame (check
  • In-game notifications
  • Missing barbarian units
  • Add new list pages (from some tables in civ6 sqlite database):
    • unit operations
    • unit abilities/modifiers (watch for already created pages for unit promotions)
    • great person points
    • building yield changes
    • district yield changes
    • modifiers

Missing data on pagesEdit

  • tourism bombs values -
  • future era civic random costs
  • game speeds (?)
  • gossips at diplomacy/diplomatic visibility
  • great persons - action requirements
  • improvements - bonus yield changes
  • improvements - valid resources
  • nuclear accidents add more info just like in volcanos, floods etc.
  • add distaters occurencies
  • add min and max eras to world congress resolutions
  • rock bands performance tiers
  • lists of popular mods.
  • check specific techs/civics/units for scenarios if they have correct pages/data
    • Improve Jadwigas Legacy scenario pages (barbarian tribes, units)
  • add scenario-specific data to lists (for example policy cards)
  • districts plunder values

Cleanup, maintenanceEdit

  • Unify Vanilla, R&F, pre-GS tags.
  • Check all updates from R&F and GS to existing tables.
  • Separate concepts pages from list pages + update civ6 template
  • Rename scenario pages/categories


  • Update Module:Data for Civ6. Add R&F and GS.
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