COLONIZATION - Game primarily to check LCRs. Easiest level, Dutch, 1000 gold, max land area, continental, warm, wet.

All sorts of details recorded, much more than needed just to check LCRs: tax, prices, and other data you can dig for.

Highlights of historyEdit

1493 build 38,45, produce 3 coats for maximum value-add; 1494 build 37,42, same. Keep hitting ESC when DeSoto not offered. 1498 we finally get to choose him. Carpenter emigrating. 1501 ship off home to Europe with enough gold to buy (after buying a caravel) at least 50 horses at current price of 3 and maybe if it goes up. Switch workers to bells ; currently 15, now going up 8 per turn.
1502 Merch unloads 30 coats $390. Give Carpenter horses, pay about 90 for Seasoned Scout recruit (who will concentrate on villages). Buy caravel, which takes two scouts (because it may reappear closer to colonies). Merch stays meantime. 23 bells, so revert to normal production (though we may step up later if the next FF seems highly desirable). Coats 12. De Soto >Minuit.
1503 1 bell (overflow). Rum 11. 1504 caravel appears in high seas tile where Merch was last seen. 1505 caravel to 38,45; scout clearly has sighting radius of 3; worker in 37,42 clearly does not have a radius of even 2. Carpenter stops for 3 food so as to leave a couple of horses behind; seasoned scout goes visiting natives. 32,47 "pleased".
1506 33,46 $192. Recruit Farmer, give him horses, and was planning to sail with 6 tra as well, but forgot. Caravel takes coa and gift ore from 38,45 to 37,42. Carpenter remounts. :1507 37,42 "lands". Caravel leaves with 42 coa, 8 ore, back to 38,45 (because it can't reach high seas from 37,42).
1508 Caravel off home from 38,45 with 48 coa and 6 gift tob. Carp-scout has lucky move into forest with only 1/3 point left (having had no possible leftovers previously). 1509 see our main island's first (maybe only) LCR. Carp-scout fails to move onto scrub forest with 1/3 point left.
1510 caravel finds Merch still in Europe! Tobacco price rises to 4 immediately after we sell some @ 3. Sell 48 coa @ 12 and price drops to 11. Recruit Gunsmith, give him horses. Caravel sails and thought it had Farmer scout but he wasn't boarding. Merch sails with Gunsm-scout (and I wonder how I could have not seen that the Farmer was still there) and tra. Carpenter scout to LCR: Cibola 5700! Seasoned scout to 27,43: "lands" - reassuring: there's lots more island to the west, including another LCR; ditto to south beyond biggish harbor or lake. The sighting is 6 tiles in each direction from the scout's position, not the settlement. Ore 3, clo 10.
1511 scouts move west. Cloth 11. 1512 caravel appears, empty, and is sent straight back home. Merch appears at the expected place further north-east and heads for nearby land; g-scout leaps off. Carp-scout to LCR: ruins $360, sees another further west.
1513 21,43 "pleased". Carp-scout finds Pacific when reaching 21,39 but he was just as close to the water before moving. G-scout 47,32: "lands" - including plowed land in the north. Rum 12, clo 10, mus 1.
1514 Seas-sc at 23,46: "lands". C-sc LCR $56. G-sc to 43,32: "lands" - the plowing is at Isabella and two LCRs are near it, despite Spanish expert scout south-west of ours. $193 recruits another farmer; $150 for horses; both sail on caravel.
1515 Seas-sc 18,41 $60. Sugar 6, rum 11, cig 11. 1516 Merch to 37,42; caravel near 3845 (but can't reach it in one move from where it hit high seas) - one farmer lands and starts farming. Spanish meet us; our forces stay; peace.
1517 G-sc LCR Fountain. Treasure reaches 37,42; decline King's offer: we can save up for a galleon. Caravel lands farmer-scout at 37,42; he visits 38,43: "lands" - useless! Farmer starts fur trading; former pioneer becomes scout, sailing in Merch to 38,45. With three temporarily there, purport to start lumber mill. Mount the two freecol fountaineers; the others are all specialists. Horses ¾, cig 10.
1518 Merch takes 66 coa, some fur, and two scouts south. Seas-sc 23,37: $440 (bal 858). Caravel to 38,45. 31 bells - under 40% of way to next.
1519 caravel off home with coa, sug. Carp-sc LCR Cibola $6000 in north-west. G-sc LCR survivor not far west of Isabella. Drop farmer scout on south island. 1520 Merch drops farmer scout on south-east island; off home. G-sc 43,26: "pleased". Survivor becomes ore miner. Farmer-sc, sth island 38,52: $1008! Coats 10 just before we sell 6 + 66; so trapping three fur adds as much value as processing three and four adds more.
1521 Caravel unloads; takes Vet and Fur Trader. Seas-sc 26,33: "lands" - mostly more N-W. G-sc 43,22: $288 (bal 2256). Farmer-sc (SE) 47,52: seasons farmer scout and we see Plymouth. Cigars 11, coats 9.
1522 Merch unloads; bal 2986; takes two freecol scouts, Ore Miner, Pioneer. Carp-sc LCR burial mounds: $3000. Peace with English.
1523 At 38,45 Fur Trader starts work, Vet fortifies. Seas-sc at 52,52: "lands". Seas-sc at 22,31: "lands". G-sc at 46,22: $320. Buy Galleon. Take Statesman, mounted Tobacconist, and 53 tra. Rum 12.
1524 Merch appears, with same people, and stops at SE island to drop non-expert scout. Caravel takes original Vet and 18 horses to 37,42; vet takes on 60 tools.. Carp-sc LCR $50.
1525 Galleon appears and takes a couple of unmounted people from Merch, which heads south-west. Seas-sc at 16,31: "lands". Carp-sc LCR ruins $280. Col-scout LCR Fountain2 right next to Plymouth. Seas-sc at 46,58: $168. See Santo Domingo near S-W of N-E island. Cloth 11.
1526 Caravel off home with coa, sug. Ore miner Builds NE2 - 4foo 3fur 3sil. Galleon drops 3 men at or near 38,45 then takes Statesman to 37.42. 1527 $5700 on high seas. Seas-sc at 11,32 (first of 4 Inca cities): lands. G-sc LCR Cibola $6000 north of Isabella.
1528 Seas-sc at 13,36: lands. Carp-sc LCR Fountain3. G-sc at 46,18: seasoned. Col-sc at 38,61: $840. Seas-sc at 51,56: lands (useless). 64 bells (target 96?).
1529 Treasure nets 5700 (no tax). Mount the two servants. Caravel unloads, sails with Fisher and Lumberjack. Original galleon sails with four specialists and the servant scouts. Buy galleons 2 and 3: 2nd sails with 4 specialists and 2 scouts (one seasoned); 3rd sails with Silver Miner, Jesuit, and 100 tra, destined for NE island but who knows? Seas-sc at 43,17:
1530 Tob-scout LCR ruins $160. Seas-sc at 09,32: $1056 (bal 1847). Ore 4, rum 13, cig 12
1531 Caravel empty; to 45,38. Galleons have only one free hold so need smart rearrangement. One goes NE, one NW, one SW to 38,45. Carp-sc LCR $340. Minuit.
1532 no major action. 1533 Carp-sc LCR survivor among Incas. Build N2 - 3sil, 16lum, and a hill and a fishery, 3 tiles west of Santo D! Jesuit mission at 43,32. Serv-sc at 36,32: $448. Seas-sc at 38,23: lands. Horses 4/5.
1534 Two more treasures are on galleons. Seas-sc at 16,28: $120. English dragoon on my southern mountain. Cloth 11.
1535 Tobacconist-scout at 31,52: they wave happily but you join the scalps. Serv-sc at 36,27: $112. Rum 14.
1536 $6000 on high seas off 37,42. Serv-sc LCR ruins $300. Seas-sc at 28,22: lands. Seas-sc at 16,22: lands. Caravel off with coa, fur. Buy 4th galleon, recruit Seasoned Scout $194; sail. Seas-sc at 33,18: lands. Coats 7.
1537 Seas-sc at 29,16: lands. $6000 on high seas N of Quebec. Seas-sc at 27,66: lands. Col-sc at 32,26: $552. Rum 13, clo 12. $6000 nets 5940. 1538 Caravel unloads, takes Pioneer, Carpenter recruit (228). Galleon takes Pioneer, Farmer. Buy Privateer, take Farmer soldier. Seas-sc at 21,21: lands. Carp-sc LCR survivor at 19,21. Col-sc LCR Fountain4. Galleon at usual corner with Seasoned Scout; head south-west. Survivor becomes fur trapper, heads east.
1539 Meet Sioux in south-west. Serv-sc LCR survivor at 37,23. $3,000 off home at usual corner. Seas-sc at 37,13: lands. Col-sc LCR mounds: $3200 at 30,59. Seas-sc at 26,62: $112. Cigars 14. $6000 nets 5940.
1540 Galleon sails with six diverse men. Seas-sc at 21,17: lands - showing where the continents join. Col-sc LCR survivor at 28,20; same sc LCR ruins $320. Serv scout LCR mounds $3800 at 38,09, but Aztecs promise death. Seas-sc at 28,11 ignoring scalps and war drums: target practice. Caravel brings carpenter and pioneer to 38,45 after swap with galleon. Carp-sc LCR $42. Col-sc at 13,66: seasoned. Seas-sc at 29,58: lands (very little use). Priv appears north of Quebec with two farmers, one armed; explore north-east corner of map. Survivor visits Aztecs but is asked to leave. Build 10,27 on Pacific coast: 4sil, 4foo, 3fur. Aztecs kill survivor. Cotton 3, rum 14. $3000 nets 2970
1541 galleon takes gunsmith and preacher as dragoons, recruits Tobacconist 260, Pioneer 280, add 100too, 100 mus, sail. Mus 2/3. Col sc LCR $34. Seas-sc at 31,52: lands (fairly useless). Col-sc LCR $280. Scouts survive attack on treasure. Cigars 13.
1542 38,45 Lumber Mill. Carp-sc LCR ruins $220. French Pioneer near our treasure. Col-sc LCR mounds at 22,57 $4400; no protest. Seas-sc at 32,56: lands (useless). Galleon in north-east with five good men, near where I see some plowing. $3200 on high seas in south. Seas-sc at 28,53: lands (little help). Land farmer soldier on treasure. Aztec "pleased ... But ... Concerned ... Overuse..." - three times; we're overusing their land only to the extent of walking and riding on it! Soldiers defeat attackers of treasure.
1543 Col-sc LCR survivor near 30,12. Galleon at usual corner with too, mus, and 4 men: go to NE2. Clearance at 37,42 gives bonus sugar; Broadleaf at 38,43 gives 100 lum. Buy Privateer, take Pioneer. Aztec message another 3 times. $3200 nets 3168. Continent joins Arctic! That will inhibit movement a bit.
1544 Galleon sails with Pioneer, Farmer dragoon, carpenter soldier. French have built Guadeloupe on north coast. Build NE1. $3800 boards galleon. 38,43 accepts trade from ship at 37,42. Build NE8 - five productive men, two dragoons, and a scout. Aztec message 5 times.
1545 Caravel unloads, sails with 100 too, Farmer dragoon. 37,42 52%(x2). 38,45 Docks. Carp-sc LCR Cibola $4500 at 17,15. Col-sc LCR survivor at 08,55. Build SW9. Priv appears with Pioneer following caravel: send south-west. Build 24,23. Col-sc LCR survivor at 26,13. Aztec messages again. Hudson. Two English dragoons near 37,42.
1546 Col-sc LCR Cibola $5700 at 17,53; we need a second southern galleon. Seas-sc at 23,58: $768 - Arawaks have compensated for dead scout. $3800 on high seas at north-east. Galleon in south with just what it should have. Buy Privateer, sail with new Farmer soldier. Seas-sc to 32,62: $960. Three Aztec messages.
1547 Seas-sc at 12,11: lands. Caravel back with farmer and tools. Build W1. Colonist repels Aztec raid. Two Aztec messages. Cloth 13, coa 6. $3800 nets 3762.
1548 Galleon takes Pioneer, Carpenter soldier, 100 tools. Col-sc LCR $50. Seas-sc 21,53: lands (confirming harbour mouth). Priv at north-east with farmer soldier: go south after other Priv offloads freecol and takes soldier. Caravel off home with fur, sil. Serv-sc LCR survivor at 21,09: let's try him on an LCR! Aztec demand 50 horses from N8: OK (maybe we are almost back to peace!). English dragoons unhorsed near us.
1549 Seas-sc at 13,07: lands (some help). Build SW7. Cherokee wreak havoc in Jamestown.
1550 Caravel unloads; sails with carpenter dragoon and 1st artillery. N2 Lumber Mill. Galleon in N-E with just what it should have. Survivor (not mounted) enters LCR: $64 as if nothing was unusual. English have built Roanoke at 34,41. Cherokee wreak havoc in Plymouth. Horses 5.
1551 Seas-sc at 12,56: $60. Seas-sc at 16,07: $80. $4400 on high seas near 02,54. Seas-sc at 18,58: lands (useless). Priv off home from NE8 with ore, coa. 1552 38,45 Warehouse. Cloth 14. 4400 nets 4356.
1553 Priv unloads; sails with artillery and carpenter dragoon. Buy Galleon, sails with 100 tra, carpenter soldier and weaver soldier. New Priv, send empty. Build Portage linking main inlet with north-west ocean. Build 10,55. No protests from Aztecs.
1554 N2 Docks. Aztec gifts 74 food and 10 furs. Cloth 13. NE1 Lumber Mill.
1555 Revere. Seas-sc at 21,12: "pleased". Col-sc LCR survivor at 10,61. Build 07,54. Galleon at south-west gets to 07,54 with arty, carp dragoon, and 100 tra: didn't want the arty and particularly wanted the weaver. Priv at northeast has the weaver and the other soldier, definitely wanted the arty being close to French. Empty Priv at northeast goes south. Caravel off home with fur, ore.
1556 38,45 Wagon train. Carp-sc LCR survivor at 09,13. Build NE3. Galleon off home from NE10 with very small mixture. Azt "...overuse...".
1557 Crim emigrating; caravel takes him as missionary and 100 tools. Merch off home in north-west. Carp-sc at 08,13: seasoned; bother! Build Silverneck. Rum 15. Tax to 5%.
1558 NE galleon earns about 200, takes arty (600) and 100 tools. Tools 2/3. Seas-sc at 10,16: $264. Seas-sc at 22,06: lands (useless). Galleon off home from N2 etc with 225 sil and other stuff. $4500 on high seas in NW. $5300 on high seas in SW. Survivor fur trapper at 51,17. Ditto 10,16; farmer at 21,12. Sioux give 2 tra to 10,55 (useless). Loyal Iroquois burn Span missionaries. .
1559 Merch unloads; sail with 100 too, Carp dragoon. Rum 14. $5300 nets 5035, $4500 nets 4275.
1560 Each sails with Pioneer + 100 too. Tools 3/4. NE1 Docks. King of France offers 1 regular, Artillery for $4200: no, thanks. Seas-sc at 13,32: lands (useless). Seas-sc at 22,03: lands (useless - and they can't even show me Arctic tiles within 6). Build 13,55. Caravel has tools. NE galleon has arty, missionary (was on caravel in 1557 but OK here), and tools. Build 09,16. Crim mission at 42,08.
1561 SE galleon earns about 5,000; sails with Pioneer, 100 tools. Merch in NW with what I gave it. Seas-sc at 17,13: $324. Priv off home from 09,16 with sil, fur. Survivor Weaver at 29,16. Fur-trapper scout at 11,53: seasoned: bugger!! Build NE9. Buy Priv, take Pioneer, 100 tools.
1562 Servant-sc at 41,11: lands (we see what's east of Montreal). Seas-sc at 16,18: $260. Seas-sc at 28,03. Lands (useless). NW galleon has 100 tools and 2 Pioneers: OK. SW galleon has 100 tools. Build W2. Replacement fur trapper from Sioux capital. Caravel off home with fur and cigars. 1563 Priv unloads; takes carpenter soldier and fisher soldier. NE1 Wagon train. Build 16,21. Build NW9. Seas-sc at 16,51: $312. Serv-sc at 42,08: lands (useless). Build 19,19. NE galleon off home with more than last time. Muskets ¾.
1564 caravel unloads, takes distiller dragoon and 100 tools. Tools 4/5. W1 Lumber mill.Seas-sc at 26,07: lands (useless). Serv-sc at 38,08: lands (useless). 1565 NE galleon unloads and waits (so that new ships don't go to NE). Pocahontas. N2 Warehouse. NW Priv has Fisher, carp soldiers. Seas-sc at 28,11: lands (useless). Cotton 4, rum 15.
1566 caravel brings what it should. Buy Privateer, send with Pioneer, Statesman ($80 to recruit) as dragoon. Build SW8. Galleon off home from NW9 with 100+ fur. Buy Privateer, send with Pioneer, Lumberjack.
1567 SW7 Lumber mill. Caravel off home with 200 sug. Build Fishneck east of Portage. Serv-sc at 37,16: $240. Seas-sc at 32,07: lands (useless). Cigars 14.
1568 Tropical forest clearance gives over 77 lum. Priv with Statesman and Pioneer appears in north-east; not as hoped; we put Statesman on hill near Montreal. Priv in NW with Lumberjack and Pioneer: OK. Seas-sc at 31,23: lands (useless). Priv off home from NE10 with 144 fur.
1569 13,22 teaches tobacco planting. Seas-sc at 32,11: lands (useless). Priv off home in NW with fur and some sil. NE galleon sails with tra and Lumberjack. NW galleon sails with Fisher and 40 tra. Won't hurt if they swap. Priv on its way home from 10,27 with fur, 44 sil (roll on, Magellan!). 23,58 teaches Farming (not cotton planting as advertised). Build NE12 - 7 bells until further notice? Cigars 13.
1570 Caravel unloads, waits with 100 too, 100 tra. Priv in NW hits high seas with fur, sil. Seas-sc at 32,26: "pleased". SE galleon off home with 300 fur, 150 sil, ore. Small ships wait in Europe to avoid messing galleon loads.
1571 NW galleon has tra, fisher, lumberjack. NE galleon tra.

This could be a good place to pause. No more LCRs to discover unless they are hiding on the handful of undiscovered Arctic or Antarctic tiles. Every visit to an LCR was positive, even the one that was with an unmounted colonist in 1550. Even the one that had a partly bad result - the 1540 war with the Aztecs - netted a treasure, which we cashed in..


Current prices (not forgetting tax at 5%) (nor that 200 food equals an extra colonist, which becomes significant as emigrant costs rise):

foo	sug	tob	cot	fur	lum	ore	sil
0	6	4	4	5	1	4	19
hor	rum	cig	clo	coa	tra	too	mus
5/6	15	13	13	6	1/2	4/5	3/4
Value added in producing lower row	
       9	9	9	1		1	=

Native settlementsEdit

First few columns
Bold if next to one of mine. Underlined if directly linked to my road or river network.
Cargo column codes
Once you find the latest three things they want, the last entry in each column should be one of the latest offerings.
When they buy something, type the replacement offer next in same cell. If they refuse to pay fair price, type X after cargo name.
Bold for cargo means FIRST offer on that occasion was: greater than replacement price for muskets, tools, or tradegoods; or better than the net worth sold in Europe for other things.
"?" means they said they wanted this but on a subsequent visit it was no longer on the list
Devise other symbols for things such as "what they actually bought without having previously said they might".

Native settlements (grouped by locality for ease of amending as game progresses):

Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWould like to buyWould like to buyWould like to buy
08 13 ApachBy NW9scoutTob? horFoo (enough, 1565) cigCoa rum
09 32 Inca capital Silver miner; used 1535tobtratoo
10 16 Apach capitalBy 09,16Fur trapper; used 1558tobFoo (enough, 1564) rumCot mus
11 28 IncaBy 10,27Farmertootra rum
11 32 Inca Sugar plantertootra rum
12 11 Apache Fur trappertobfoo coa
13 07 ApacheNW coastFur trappertobfoo rum
13 22 ApacheN of mid west inletTobacco planter; used 1569rumcoa Tob(!!)
13 36 IncacoastFarmertootra rum
16 07 Apache Fur trappercoafoo tob
16 18 Apache Fur trappertobfoo rum
16 22 ApacheBy 16,21, west inletFur trapper; used 1538rumFoo (1566 enough) hor cigCoa
16 28 Apache6 E of 10,27Fur trapperrumcoa foo
16 31 Sugar planterrumfoo hor
17 13 Aztec3 W of Portagescouttrarum tob
18 41 Tupi capital Sugar plantersfootob rum
21 17 ApachecoastFur trapper; used 1558tobfoo coa
21 21 Apachecoastscouttobfoo clo
21 43NW of big harbSugar planterrumfoo hor
22 31By NW lakeSugar planterrumfoocoa
23 37By lakescoutrumfoocoa
23 46West of harbScoutfoohor coa
26 33E coast N-WTobacco planterrumfoo hor
27 43 Tupiin mid- westSugar planterrumfoocoa
33 41Nr 37,42Sugar planterrumclo too
33 46 CheroBy W2FarmertooRum clo Clo tob
37 47Nr 38,45Cotton planterrumtoo CloX
38 43SE of 37,42Sugar plantersRum tra rum tra rum clo rum clo rumClo tra clo tracig
Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWould like to buyWould like to buyWould like to buy
11,53 Sioux capital2 N of 10,55Fur trapper; used 1562tobfoo mus
12 56 SiouxBy 13,55Fur trapper; used 1551Tob? rumFoo (enough, 1567) hor coa
16 51 Araw farmertoorum coa
18 58 SiouxBy SW8farmertoo Tobrumcoa
21 53 ArawharbourOre minerrumtobcoa
23 58 ArawBy SW7Cotton planter - but teaches farming in 1569TooClo rumTob? coa
26 62 Araw farmertoorumcoa
27 66 ArawSouth capefarmerclorum tob
28 53 Araw fur tradertoorumcoa
29 58 Araw capital farmertobtrarum
31 52 ArawSouth peninsTarget practice! Try again 1540: fur trappertoorum coa
32 56 Araw farmertoocoaclo
32 62 Araw farmertoocoaclo

Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWill buyWill buyWill buy
21 12 AztecBy PortageFarmer; used 1558tootra rum
22 03 AztecNWCotton plantertrarum tob
22 06 Aztec farmertootra rum
26 07 Aztec scouttrarumtob
28 03 Aztec farmertrarum tob
28 11 Aztec (war drums at first) farmertrarum tob
28 22 AztecCoast opp. 24,23farmertootra rum
29 16 Aztec capital Weaver; used 1561tobtra rum
31 23 AztecW of big lakeSilver minertootra rum
32 07 AztecEast coastFishertootratob
32 11 Aztec farmertrarumtob
32 26 Aztec farmertrarumclo
33 18 Aztec Silver minertrarum tob
37 13 Aztec2 SSW of NE8Fishertrarum tob
37 16 Aztec farmertrarumtob
38 08 Aztec3 N of NE8Fishertootra rum
38 23 Chero Ore minertoorum clo
41 11 AztecBy NE9Tobacco plantertrarum Tob(!!)
42 08 AztecBy NE10; crim mission 1560FishertooTra tob rum
43 17 Aztec Silver minertootrarum
43 22 CheroWNW of Isab'aOre minerrumtooclo
46 18 AztecE coastFur Tradertootra rum
46 22 CheroNW of Isab'aOre minerrumclo cig
48 12 AztecBy Quebec
52 13 Aztec East Cape
Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWill buyWill buyWill buy
32 26 AztecIsthmusfarmertrarum clo
36 27 CheroS of big lakeSugar planterclorum cig
36 32 Chero2 N of N2Ore minercloRum tra cigX
43 26W of Isab'aOre miner; used 1520toorum coa
43 32 IroqBy NE2; Jesuit mission 1533FarmercloRum tob rum tob rum Tob cigX cigX
47 32 Iroq3 E of NE2Sugar planterclorumcig
50 29 Iroq capitalS of Isab'a
51 33 IroqS-E corner

Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWill buyWill buyWill buy
13 66 SiouxBy SW9Fur trapperFoo? cigHor coa tob
38 52SI1Fisherclorumtob
38 61SI 2Fisherclorumcig
46 58SW of SEFarmertoorumtob
47 52NW of SEFishertoorum coa
51 56SE of SEFur trapperrumclocig
52 52NE of SEFur TraderToocoaclo

Coord (eg: 29 45) +tribeLocn; nearest colonyNotes, eg: what they teach; date we learned itWill buyWill buyWill buy

Initial pricesEdit

(I forgot to fill this in; can do it later if you save the first year position)

Initial prices: foo sug tob cot fur lum ore sil

hor rum cig clo coa tra too mus 2/3 Value added in producing lower row

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