SMAC Tech table

Below is a proposal to change the current List of technologies (SMAC) page from a sectioned list into a sortable table.

Note this is still missing each tech's icon (need to grab some smaller versions to use here), as well as lacking the color coding for the "Track" column entries. Additionally, most (if not all) of the Secret Project links are broken, since an additional proposal will be to rename all of them to remove the "The" at their start, so The Planetary Energy Grid (SMAC) would become Planetary Energy Grid (SMAC), following the conventions used in other articles.

This will be updated slightly as I make any changes to correct errors, alter formatting, put in the images, etc. Russ3Z (talk) 13:27, October 23, 2018 (UTC)

Track Technology Requires Leads to Allows Notes
Conquer 3 Adaptive Doctrine Polymorphic Software, Doctrine: Flexibility Advanced Military Algorithms Pulse 3 Armor, Marine Detachment
Build 3 Adaptive Economics Progenitor Psych, Industrial Economics Planetary Economics Thermocline Transducer, Planetary Energy Grid
Build 7 Advanced Ecological Engineering Fusion Power, Environmental Economics Centauri Psi Super Former, Soil Enricher, Melt Polar Caps Sea Mining Platforms produce +1 Minerals
Conquer 4 Advanced Military Algorithms Adaptive Doctrine, Optical Computers Pre-Sentient Algorithms, Retroviral Engineering Punishment Sphere, AAA Tracking, Bunker, Repeal U.N. Charter, Reinstate U.N. Charter, Power
Discover 8 Advanced Spaceflight Orbital Spaceflight, Organic Superlubricant Super Tensile Solids Orbital Power Transmitter, Living Refinery, Plasma Shard, Launch Solar Shade, Increase Solar Shade
Discover 3 Advanced Subatomic Theory High Energy Chemistry, Polymorphic Software Applied Relativity, Silksteel Alloys Skunkworks, Comm Jammer
Explore 14 Applied Gravitonics Graviton Theory, Digital Sentience Controlled Singularity Graviton Gun
Conquer 1 Applied Physics Nonlinear Mathematics, High Energy Chemistry, Optical Computers Laser
Discover 5 Applied Relativity Superconductor, Advanced Subatomic Theory Unified Field Theory, Photon/Wave Mechanics Supercollider
Build 5 Bio-Engineering Gene Splicing, Neural Grafting Retroviral Engineering Longevity Vaccine, Clean Reactor Increases defense against gene warfare.
Conquer 4 Bioadaptive Resonance Field Modulation, Centauri Empathy Sentient Resonance Spore Launcher, Resonance Laser, Soporific Gas Pods
Discover 1 Biogenetics Secrets of the Human Brain, Gene Splicing Recycling Tanks, Human Genome Project Increases defense against gene warfare.
Build 7 Biomachinery Mind/Machine Interface, Retroviral Engineering Homo Superior, N-Space Compression Cloning Vats Increases defense against gene warfare.
Explore 1 Centauri Ecology Centauri Empathy, Ecological Engineering, Field Modulation Weather Paradigm, Formers, Terraforming Unit Increases Nutrient production in fungus.
Explore 3 Centauri Empathy Secrets of the Human Brain, Centauri Ecology Centauri Meditation, Bioadaptive Resonance Biology Lab, Empathy Guild, Mind Worms, Epathy Song, Green Allows roads to be built in fungus squares.
Explore 7 Centauri Genetics Centauri Meditation, Retroviral Engineering Centauri Psi Brood Pit, Pholus Mutagen, Locusts of Chiron Increases Mineral production in fungus.
Explore 5 Centauri Meditation Ecological Engineering, Centauri Empathy Centauri Genetics Centauri Preserve, Xenoempathy Dome, Isle of the Deep, Empath Increases Energy production in fungus.
Explore 8 Centauri Psi Centauri Genetics, Advanced Ecological Engineering Will to Power, Secrets of Alpha Centauri, Sentient Resonance Sealurk, Psi Attack, Dissociative Wave Increases Nutrient production in fungus.
Allows terrain improvements in fungus squares and eases fungus movement restrictions.
Conquer 15 Controlled Singularity Singularity Mechanics, Applied Gravitonics String Resonance, Transcendent Thought Singularity Inductor, Singularity Laser
Build 4 Cyberethics Planetary Networks, Intellectual Integrity Superstring Theory, Pre-Sentient Algorithms Planetary Datalinks, Knowledge
Discover 10 Digital Sentience Industrial Nanorobotics, Mind/Machine Interface Applied Gravitonics, Self-Aware Machines, Sentient Econometrics Network Backbone, Cybernetic Improves Probe Team success rate.
Explore 5 Doctrine: Air Power Synthetic Fossil Fuels, Doctrine: Flexibility Mind/Machine Interface, Orbital Spaceflight Aerospace Complex, Needlejet, Air Superiority, Airbase
Explore 2 Doctrine: Flexibility Doctrine: Mobility Doctrine: Initiative, Doctrine: Air Power, Adaptive Doctrine Pressure Dome, Transport Foil, Troop Transport, Foil
Explore 4 Doctrine: Initiative Doctrine: Flexibility, Industrial Automation Nanometallurgy, Homo Superior Naval Yard, Maritime Control Center, Cruiser, Amphibious Pods
Conquer 2 Doctrine: Loyalty Doctrine: Mobility, Social Psych Intellectual Integrity Perimeter Defense, Command Nexus, Police State
Explore 1 Doctrine: Mobility Doctrine: Flexibility, Doctrine: Loyalty Command Center, Speeder
Explore 4 Ecological Engineering Centauri Ecology, Gene Splicing Centauri Meditation, Environmental Economics Plant Fungus, Condenser, Echelon Mirror, Thermal Borehole, Aquifer Allows a tile's Mineral production to exceed 2.
Build 5 Environmental Economics Industrial Economics, Ecological Engineering Advanced Ecological Engineering Tree Farm, Raise Land, Lower Land Allows a tile's Energy production to exceed 2.
Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Explore 2 Ethical Calculus Social Psych Intellectual Integrity, Gene Splicing Children's Creche, Democratic
Explore 12 Eudaimonia Sentient Econometrics, Will to Power Temporal Mechanics Telepathic Matrix, Psi Defense, Eudaimonic
Conquer 2 Field Modulation Progenitor Psych, Centauri Ecology Bioadaptive Resonance Resonance 3 Armor
Discover 10 Frictionless Surfaces Unified Field Theory, Industrial Nanorobotics Quantum Power Cloaking Device
Discover 6 Fusion Power Pre-Sentient Algorithms, Superconductor Advanced Ecological Engineering, Organic Superlubricant Fusion Lab, Fusion Reactor, Engineer
Build 3 Gene Splicing Biogenetics, Ethical Calculus Synthetic Fossil Fuels, Bio-Engineering, Ecological Engineering Research Hospital Allows a tile's Nutrient production to exceed 2.
Increases defense against gene warfare.
Explore 13 Graviton Theory Quantum Machinery, Mind/Machine Interface Applied Gravitonics Gravship, Antigrav Struts Allows units with drop pods to perform orbital insertions to any location.
Conquer 2 High Energy Chemistry Industrial Base, Applied Physics Advanced Subatomic Theory, Synthetic Fossil Fuels Plasma Steel Armor, Nerve Gas Pods
Explore 8 Homo Superior Biomachinery, Doctrine: Initiative Will to Power Nanohospital, Universal Translator
Build 3 Industrial Automation Industrial Economics, Planetary Networks Silksteel Alloys, Doctrine: Initiative, Neural Grafting, Industrial Nanorobotics Hab Complex, Planetary Transit System, Supply Crawler, Supply Transport, Wealth Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Build 1 Industrial Base Superconductor, High Energy Chemistry, Polymorphic Software, Industrial Economics Merchant Exchange, Synthmetal Armor
Build 2 Industrial Economics Industrial Base Industrial Automation, Environmental Economics, Adaptive Economics Energy Bank, Free Market Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Build 9 Industrial Nanorobotics Nanominiaturization, Industrial Automation Frictionless Surfaces, Digital Sentience Robotic Assembly Plant, Nano Factory Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Discover 1 Information Networks Nonlinear Mathematics, Polymorphic Software, Planetary Networks Network Node
Explore 3 Intellectual Integrity Ethical Calculus, Doctrine: Loyalty Cyberethics, Planetary Economics Citizens' Defense Force, Non-Lethal Methods, High Morale
Conquer 9 Matter Compression Nanometallurgy, Nanominiaturization Super Tensile Solids Neutronium Armor, Fuel Nanocells
Build 12 Matter Editation Self-Aware Machines, Super Tensile Solids Matter Transmission Nanoreplicator, Clinical Immortality, Antimatter Plate Increases defense against gene warfare.
Build 13 Matter Transmission Matter Editation, Secrets of Alpha Centauri Temporal Mechanics Psi Gate, Bulk Matter Transmitter, Blink Displacer Increases Mineral production in fungus.
Conquer 6 Mind/Machine Interface Doctrine: Air Power, Neural Grafting Graviton Theory, Digital Sentience, Biomachinery Cyborg Factory, Cloudbase Academy, Copter, Drop Pods, Unite Behind Me As Supreme Leader, Thinker Improves Probe Team Success rate.
Build 6 Monopole Magnets Superstring Theory, Silksteel Alloys Unified Field Theory, Nanominiaturization Mag Tube
Conquer 8 N-Space Compression Orbital Spaceflight, Biomachinery Self-Aware Machines Flechette Defense System, Geosynchronous Survey od
Explore 8 Nanometallurgy Probability Mechanics, Doctrine: Initiative Matter Compression, Quantum Machinery Deep Pressure Hull, Carrier Deck Repair Bay
Build 8 Nanominiaturization Monopole Magnets, Organic Superlubricant Matter Compression, Industrial Nanorobotics Hovertank, Algorithmic Enhancement
Conquer 4 Neural Grafting Secrets of the Human Brain, Industrial Automation Mind/Machine Interface, Bio-Engineering Bioenhancement Center, Neural Amplifier Allows a unit to have two special abilities.
Conquer 2 Nonlinear Mathematics Applied Physics, Information Networks Superstring Theory Particle Impactor
Discover 3 Optical Computers Applied Physics, Polymorphic Software Superconductor, Advanced Military Algorithms
Discover 6 Orbital Spaceflight Doctrine: Air Power, Pre-Sentient Algorithms Advanced Spaceflight, N-Space Compression Sky Hydroponics Lab, Planet Buster, Conventional Payload, Missile, Salvage Unity Fusion Core
Conquer 7 Organic Superlubricant Fusion Power, Synthetic Fossil Fuels Nanominiaturization, Advanced Spaceflight Fusion Laser
Conquer 6 Photon/Wave Mechanics Applied Relativity, Silksteel Alloys Probability Mechanics Photon Wall
Build 6 Planetary Economics Adaptive Economics, Intellectual Integrity Quantum Power, Sentient Econometrics Hybrid Forest, Subsea Trunkline, Ascetic Virtues, Global Trade Pact, Repeal Global Trade Pact Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Allows economic victory.
Discover 2 Planetary Networks Information Networks Industrial Automation, Cyberethics Hologram Theatre, Virtual World, Probe Team, Probe Team, Librarian, Planned
Discover 2 Polymorphic Software Industrial Base, Information Networks Advanced Subatomic Theory, Optical Computers, Adaptive Doctrine Heavy Artillery Improves Probe Team success rate.
Discover 5 Pre-Sentient Algorithms Advanced Military Algorithms, Cyberethics Fusion Power, Probability Mechanics, Orbital Spaceflight Covert Ops Center, Hunter-Seeker Algorithm, Polymorphic Encryption Improves Probe Team success rate.
Build 7 Probability Mechanics Photon/Wave Mechanics, Pre-Sentient Algorithms Nanometallurgy Tachyon Field, Probability Sheath
Explore 1 Progenitor Psych Field Modulation, Adaptive Economics Aquafarm
Build 12 Quantum Machinery Quantum Power, Nanometallurgy Graviton Theory Quantum Converter, Quantum Laser
Discover 11 Quantum Power Frictionless Surfaces, Planetary Economics Quantum Machinery Quantum Lab, Quantum Chamber
Conquer 6 Retroviral Engineering Bio-Engineering, Advanced Military Algorithms Biomachinery, Centauri Genetics Genejack Factory Increases defense against gene warfare.
Allows gene warfare to be committed by probe teams.
Discover 12 Secrets of Alpha Centauri Centauri Psi, Sentient Econometrics Matter Transmissionn, Secrets of the Manifolds Temple of Planet, Transcend Increases Energy production in fungus.
Reveals the entire map when discovered.
Secrets: First faction to discover Secrets of Alpha Centauri gains a free technological advance.
Discover 10 Secrets of Creation Unified Field Theory, Will to Power Singularity Mechanics Secrets: First faction to discover Secrets of Creation gains a free technological advance.
Discover 2 Secrets of the Human Brain Social Psych, Biogenetics Neural Grafting, Centauri Empathy Hypnotic Trance, Fundamentalist Secrets: First faction to discover Secrets of the Human Brain gains a free technological advance.
Discover 13 Secrets of the Manifolds Sentient Resonance, Secrets of Alpha Centauri Threshold of Transcendence, String Resonance Manifold Harmonics Secrets: First faction to discover Secrets of the Manifolds gains a free technological advance.
Discover 11 Self-Aware Machines N-Space Compression, Digital Sentience Singularity Mechanics, Matter Editation Nessus Mining Station, Orbital Defense Pod, Self-Aware Colony, Nethack Terminus Improves Probe Team success rate.
Explore 11 Sentient Econometrics Planetary Economics, Digital Sentience Eudaimonia, Secrets of Alpha Centauri Paradise Garden Increases commerce income from treaties and pacts.
Recreation Commons maintenance cost reduced from 1 to 0
Conquer 9 Sentient Resonance Bioadaptive Resonance, Centauri Psi Secrets of the Manifolds Resonance 8 Armor, Resonance Bolt
Build 4 Silksteel Alloys Advanced Subatomic Theory, Industrial Automation Monopole Magnets, Photon/Wave Mechanics Silksteel Armor
Discover 12 Singularity Mechanics Secrets of Creation, Self-Aware Machines Controlled Singularity Subspace Generator, Singularity Engine
Build 1 Social Psych Doctrine: Loyalty, Ethical Calculus, Secrets of the Human Brain Recreation Commons
Conquer 16 String Resonance Secrets of the Manifolds, Controlled Singularity String Disruptor
Build 10 Super Tensile Solids Matter Compression, Advanced Spaceflight Matter Editation Habitation Dome, Space Elevator, Pulse 8 Armor
Conquer 4 Superconductor Optical Computers, Industrial Base Applied Relativity, Fusion Power Gatling Laser
Conquer 5 Superstring Theory Nonlinear Mathematics, Cyberethics Monopole Magnets Chaos Gun
Explore 4 Synthetic Fossil Fuels High Energy Chemistry, Gene Splicing Doctrine: Air Power, Organic Superlubricant Missile Launcher, Fungicide Tanks
Build 14 Temporal Mechanics Eudaimonia, Matter Transmission Treshold of Transcendence Stasis Generator Increases Energy productionn in fungus.
Explore 9 The Will to Power Homo Superior, Centauri Psi Eudaimonia, Secrets of Creation Dream Twister, Thought Control
Explore 15 Threshold of Transcendence Secrets of the Manifolds, Temporal Mechanics Transcendent Thought Voice of Planet, Ascent to Transcendence Increases Mineral production in fungus.
Discover 16 Transcendent Thought Threshold of Transcendence, Controlled Singularity Transcendent Thought serves the same function as the 'Future Technology' techs in the Civilization series: Bonus Points at the end of the game for each 'level' of Transcendent Thought researched.
Conquer 7 Unified Field Theory Monopole Magnets, Applied Relativity Frictionless Surfaces, Secrets of Creation Theory of Everything, Tachyon Bolt
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