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  • I love the Monarchy, and easy peaceful science games – making forays into longer-speed and more crowded, production focused games too (dem promotions, mokay!). Citizenship/Meritocracy was my noob strat that I need to revisit; Republic (of Rome!) is actually way cooler.

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How to promote a la TechEdit

Firstly, remember that the safest enemy is a dead enemy. So if you're working on keeping your units alive (so, you know, they keep their promotions!!) – do take the ones that pump out the most damage. The only exception to this is the City, and in that case I suggest taking either Cover or Air Repair. Anyway, here's a list of recommendations:

  • Scout: Survivalism hands down, you don't want to waste idle Warriors on scouting. If you get Rank 2, you can probably keep them at 8 20xStrength5 on the defence and so alive well into Classical (Probably not Medieval, but you can try).
  • Melee: Well, unless you play on immortal or something, they are gonna get rekt'd pretty quickly. Double Drill (yeah, um...) unless you're fighting a city, in which take Shock/Cover.
    • Rarely should these units need Siege (again, they get wrecked by defending range) and if you need Amphibious, you probably need to actually produce faster.
    • You'll probably only get Marathon with Autocracy or Brandenburg, but it's worth it – it's basically a permanent 10%+ boost.
  • Ranged: Double accuracy; march and third rank if you can – should get you to end of the crossbow. If you're on BNW, take range instead.
    • Siege attack might work, especially if your production is bad.
    • Rarely worth bothering with Barrage/Volley because there are usually better targets to kill.
    • Logistics is nice too, but if you want that you should probably just play China instead. or...
    • If you are in England, bask in your glory as long as you can...
  • Siege: Depends heavily on the enemy's city, but generally accuracy and Cover. Siege is not so useful because it's really "win-more" – you're the attacker, you have time, "risk-less" is more important.
  • Mounted (here because Charchers don't count and you will probably start with Knights, too): Erm, shock? Lancers get Sentry?
  • Bombers: Double Siege, Air Repair. If you're attacking (anything), you're being damaged – simple as that. Bomber range means you don't really care about units.
  • Fighters: TBA (they aren't usually good enough to get there on standard difficulty...)
  • Navy: Ahh, the good stuff. I generally recommend bombardment (2) for flexibility. Again, no experience, but Range is probably your best bet, followed by Supply.

Notice any trends? Well firstly, don't bother with Medic, and if you do, put it on a dropkick scout/warrior. Try to avoid diversionary/branch promotions.

Local happinessEdit

Local happiness essentially determines the "unhappiness-free" population of a city. In essence, they set a limit past which unhappiness is contributed. While in tall Tradition games this is usually irrelevant, in a wide/Liberty game, the usual strategy is to spend happiness on city unhappiness costs, not population-crowding happiness. So perhaps think that the city grows to the Local "unhappiness limit" (which is of course, equivalent to the local happiness). Note however that local happiness often has maintenance cost. So the free Circus, Burial Tomb are great. The "make-it-free" Paper Maker pays off a Colosseum, so those two gold actually can translate to an extra two population limit per city.

How big is too big?

Four grassland farms:1 Trading Post is the "worst" case ratio in a small city civ. That'll easily make the city grow up to 20 pop. The next four will go to 30, which you may want as trad but certainly can make into trading posts and stagnate for Liberty. There's nothing inherently mean with making "rural trading opportunities" and shipping the young'uns off to the capital to work!


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