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{{Template:Natural_wonder_(Civ6)|quote = Quote.|quoted = Source|game mode = Regular|DLC needed = Z|size = N tiles|tile type = A|movement = Impassable|yield = N/A|appeal = +2 to adjacent tiles|terrain = Type}}
'''Name''' is a single-tile impassable {{Link6|Natural Wonder}} (available|) in ''[[Civilization VI]]'' (with the Z scenario pack|). Name occupies a {{Link6|Type}} tile, and provides +1 yield6}}, +1 yield6}}, and +2 {{Link6|Appeal}} to each adjacent tile. (It is considered a {{Link6|Mountain}} in-game.)
(Despite its appearance, Name is not considered a {{Link6|Mountain}} in-game.)
In ''[[Civilization VI: Rise and Fall]]'', discovering Name grants +1 [[Era Score (Civ6)|Era Score]], or +3 Score if the player is the first to do so.
Like other impassable wonders, the Name tile offers no benefits, and cannot be developed or improved. However, Name provides +Yield6}} to up to six adjacent tiles; these yields are cumulatively worth considerably more than the dead tile. It is usually worth incorporating single-tile wonders within city borders to maximize their yields.
The Appeal bonus of Name is also ideal for building {{Link6|Neighborhoods}}, and is useful when founding {{Link6|National Parks}}.
==Civilopedia entry==
* Name can be found in its real-life location on the standard A map(s).
File:Natural Wonder Name (Civ6).png|The Name intro cinematic
File:Natural Wonder Name closeup (Civ6).png|Name, as seen in-game
{{Wonders (Civ6)}}
'''Name''' is a single-tile impassable {{Link6|Natural Wonder}} in ''[[Civilization VI: Rise and Fall]]''.
'''Name''' is a single-tile impassable {{Link6|Natural Wonder}} available in ''[[Civilization VI]]'' with the {{Link6|Vikings Scenario Pack}}.

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