My favorite Civ6 civilization!

I am the one that brushes up the Strategy sections of the civilizations in Civ 6.

Plans for the wiki:

- Expand and uniform the strategy section for every civilization in the game.

- For now, separate the strategy part clearly into civ ability and leader ability section, in the future, will try to cooperate the unit and infrastructure from their respective strategy parts into the main civ page as well.

- Take a look at the Phoenicia strategy part, that is the format that I am looking forward to turn every other civ strategy page into.

- Love in-depth behind the scene mechanics of the game, and absolutely love testing them out. Check out the Climate page and Air Combat/Nuke interception page for Civ6!

My predictions for New Frontier Pass civs:

Pack 3: Byzantium and Portugal

Pack 5: Vietnam and Kublai Khan leads Mongolia and China

Pack 4 and 6: One Native American civ and one Central Asian civ (Babylon confirmed)

Things to do:

  • Finish America Counter-strategy
  • Finish Ethiopia Counter-strategy
  • Take a look into the Speed page.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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